TWO front teeth..

Spencer has officially lost his TWO front (bottom) teeth! He couldn't be more excited. He thinks the tooth fairy is the coolest person.  He runs through our house screaming, 'I'm Rich! I'm Rich!' LOL He keeps telling us, that all his teeth are loose now. I swear, this kid! When he gets older and has no more teeth, I hope he'll look back on this post and remember that he once was very happy to be losing all his teeth! Lol

First tooth.. 
Nick comes home on the weekends, so he pulled Spencer's first tooth, about two weeks ago. And I pulled his second one, last weekend.  Pulling it out sounds so painful, right?? We only pulled them, cause they were barely hanging on. It was hurting him to even take a bite of anything. So they came out super easy. And painless at that. Lol

I always joke and tell Spencer and Mele, how weird it is to me.. that they both lost their two front bottom teeth first. Growing up, Nick and I.. both lost our two front top teeth. That was normal. LOL But I guess not now, the cool teeth are the bottom ones! haha

Second tooth..
I almost cried when he lost his first tooth. It just hit me, that he really is growing so fast! :( He doesn't do a lot of the things, he use to do. He really doesn't care to sleep with me anymore. And he's gotten to heavy for me to try and sneak him to my room, after he falls asleep! haha He's just such a big boy now..

He has a lisp, so now that he doesn't have two teeth, it's more obvious than before! It's the cutest thing! He always brightens up my day, when he turns to me and says, 'Shhhhhhhhhh'.. Lol He's such a clown! :)

I have a ton of updating to do. We have Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow. So I'm sure I'll have a ton to blog about then. LOL.. I've also been re-doing my house, and totally stepping out of my comfort zone. But loving the outcome! Can't wait to post pictures when it's all done! Pinterest has taken over my life!! haha

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Kassie said...

He's so cute.. I can't believe what a big boy he is now..