Suga Mama..

Throughout my life, I've been blessed with the opportunity of having not one, but two moms. My mother Laila, and my second mother (my moms older sister) Sina. And that's who I wanted to blog about. My second mother, Sina. I was born around the time, she returned home on her mission. And I was glued to her hip, ever since!!! haha 

This women, has to be one the Greatest examples in my life! I've never met anyone as humble, caring, giving, and loving as she is. Our kids know her as 'Suga Mama', cause she swears she's too young to be called 'Grandma'.. haha She has six other kids, but they all know, I am the oldest!! LOL Her biological oldest son, was born on my birthday. I always tease and say, that he was born on my birthday, to try and fill the void they had for me, after I left. haha Mean, I know.. But it's all jokes. Kind of! LOL (Love you Chad!!)

She emailed me a couple weeks ago, and had me in tears! Even through her email, I could feel her presence and love.. I just re-read her email today, and again.. I'm in tears!! This is what she wrote : 

"I told you on your wall how I was thinking and missing you all. I was going thru some old stuff & journals, and recalled the worst back pain ever in my life! One night after I just returned from my mission, you were about 3 or 4. A friend (guy) came to visit me at the compton house, so I was outside talking with him and you came out to me and I could not get you to go back into the house. I tried making excuses for you to go back in but you just held my leg then got to playing with my friend and just stayed out there (so nosey) You finally got tired and I carried you thinking our visit should be ending soon anyway because it was getting late at night. You fell asleep so we talked a little more since now you weren't listening.. ha ha. But I guess that lil talk ended up being another hour. When we finally said our good byes I turned to walk to the house with you and I couldn't move. Scared and not wanting to be embarrassed in front of my friend, I told him to go ahead and leave because I saw uncle Pelo's friend was coming from the backyard. So he left, and I still could not move, so I asked uncle pelo's friend to take you in for me. The pain was so bad I tried to crawl to the house then uncle's friend came out after taking you in and helped me. He said it's because I was standing & carrying you for so long.

I have been thinking a lot of how you had been such a joy in my life then. Uncle fell in love with you because he knew he had to win you over in order to have brownie points with me. At that time he knew he wasn't the only one vying for my hand..ha ha
Anyway, seeing what a wonderful mother, wife and person you turned out to be is still a great source of joy in my life. I wish we lived closer so we can see and be with you often... well, that's all. Sorry for the novel but just recalling so many things... I love you always!"

Words could never express how much this woman means to me!! I am so much like her, in so many ways!! And for that, I am so proud! I can't thank her enough, for all that she has done for myself and my little family. She is an extraordinary women, mom, sugar mama, aunt, sister, wife, and friend!! 

We love you Sina Vaifanua!! :) 


PuMPKiN said...

beautiful story sheen! You really are so lovable!

Tina Tuakoi said...

Love this post :) You two are very much alike, and you look a lot like her too.

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

That's so awesome! Love this post!

The Lomu Family said...

She's such a sweet lady! I remember her telling me I better call her Aunty because we're related. LOL!