Spring Break/ Update..

Spring break for the kids, is coming up quick. And I can't wait. Nick will be flying home next weekend, to pick us up. And we'll be headed to Colorado, for their spring break. It is a much needed vacation. Especially for me. Lol I have a ton of spring cleaning to do, so this will be a nice little break before heading back to reality! haha  I am seriously counting down the days!!! :)

We are cleaning out our whole garage, and I am making me my own little craft area. Where I plan to put all my thrift store findings and other miscellaneous things. Lol Cause my little brother is sick of having all my beautiful junk in his room! It's so terrible! It literally has taken up more than half his room!! He threatens to have a yard sale, if I don't get is out asap! haha He's so dramatic! LOL

As far as Mele and Spencer go. Spencer has another loose tooth, this makes it his third tooth that he will be losing. haha  And Mele has one as well. My poor little toothless monkeys! Lol  They are doing extremely well in school! Their teacher's had nothing, but good things to say about them. They are both at the top of their classes and have great grades! They make us such proud parents! :) Spencer needs to work on his behavior skills, but other than that.. life is just peachy for them. Lol Which really means, they're always bored! hahaha They've been staying on top of keeping their rooms clean. Thank goodness. So this week, all I need to work on is laundry, my room, and just getting our bags packed for our little spring break getaway. :)

As for myself, I've been doing really good on limiting my projects to only twice a week. I scored on a ton of stuff yesterday at different thrift stores. I can't wait to work on them!! :) It has just been a nice, relaxing week. Being productive, really does help the time go by a lot faster. Cause Saturday's are my FAVORITE days!! Only if Nick comes home, that is! haha  He won't make it home today though, so I'm a little bummed. :( But I'm sure this week will fly by.. :)

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