Lately, I've been consumed by doing 'Pinterest' projects around my home. I've been re-decorating, and loving how everything has been coming together! :) I usually work on my projects while the kids are at school, and if not.. I work on them late at night, cause I swear I have insomnia! So I'm up all night, and when the kids get home from school, I'm so drained. I hate it! So I made a goal, starting Sunday.. that I'm going to be in bed by 10, latest 11!! I hope I can do it!

For the past couple days, I felt like I've been neglecting my poor kids. Terrible, right? I've been trying to take them to the park when I can (when my paint is drying on different projects). Today I took them on a long walk. We even stopped at Hook and Ladder for some ice cream. Seeing their faces light up, cause of something I'm doing for them, is the BEST feeling! It's usually Nick, who is the cool parent. Haha It was the perfect weather for our little stroll, and I plan to take them on many more adventures! :)

I found some really neat family traditions that I want to start with them, that I've seen on Pinterest. Nick comes home every weekend, so he is starting his one on one interviews with them. And I'm so excited about it! He discusses their whole week with them, and all their likes and dislikes about the week. And every week, he gives them the top ten reasons, why he thinks they are so special. Every week, will be something different. It's the cutest thing.  Now if only I could master the cooking part on Pinterest! LOL

 I really need to start  taking advantage of the time I have with them! :) I'm slowly making adjustments. I'm going to try and set aside two days out of the week, that I can work on projects. And the rest of the week is devoted to my kids, and working on project Sheena! Oh yeah! LOL Wish me luck! :)

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The Lomu Family said...

Do you ever wonder what you'd be doing in your spare time without Pinterest? Lol. It has become such a good hobby for you, and you're great at it!

Nicks one on one interviews are such a cute idea. I bet the kids love that.

I'm sure you'll master the cooking part soon, wait never mind I remember Nick talking crap about your Saimini. Haha.