Another cruise..

Splendor.. Our ship we will be on.. :) 

 We have yet another cruise coming up this November. My little family is so excited about this cruise. We went on one before, and it wasn't the best experience for me! Nick and the kids had a blast though. I, on the other hand.. was soooo seasick!! It was horrible! Nothing worked! I took motion sickness pills, I even tried a patch! And NOTHING worked! So I pretty much stayed in our room the whole time.  Nick and the kids would come and check on me, and I could just see in their faces, how much fun they were having. It was so cute! Lol I swore up and down I would NEVER go on another cruise again! But thinking back on how much fun Nick and the kids had, I would totally go through it all again for them! :)

 So lately, I've been googling ways to help prevent my motion sickness. During my pregnancies, it was bad. And it got even worse, after having them. It pretty much just never went away. So I get pretty sick on long drives, airplanes, and recently found out cruises.. even just watching movies of those things, I can sometimes get pretty nauseated. haha I found a couple things that I'm going to have to try. Soda and crackers, not to lie down when feeling nauseated, rub on my earlobes, and look over the horizon. haha Those are just a few I've read about so far. I'm really anxious to see if any of these even work. I'm hoping the 'no lying down' one works. Cause whenever I felt nauseous, I would just go and lie down. So I'm thinking that was probably why I was so sick on the cruise. I would kind of just lay there. Like a whale. A pale whale! Lol I would even feel so bloated. And trust me, pale and bloated.. do not mix!!! 

 The last cruise we went on was for 4 days. This one is going to be for 7 days! We will be sailing down the coast of Mexico. Spending 2 days in Cabo, on the beach. And another day somewhere else. I totally forgot. But I'm starting to get pretty excited now. Most of Nick's siblings are going, and a ton of his cousins and their families. So we can't wait! I'm hecka pushing my workouts, in hopes that I'll drop enough weight before this cruise! I am determined! We plan to take our kids snorkeling and to swim with the dolphins, while in Cabo. So I need a swimmer type body! ;) It doesn't help, that all you do on the cruise it EAT!! 24/7 open buffet!! Pure heaven! Lol That's another reason I need to lose a ton of weight. Cause I know I'll gain some weight on the cruise! It's so hard to pass up all that good food! haha  Our first family meeting for this cruise is Sunday, and I'm so excited! But I think Nick and the kids are more excited. Lol

Yay, for cruises and swimmer like bodies!! :) 


letafauolo said...

OMG Sheena I wanna come. I haven't been on one for about 4 years.. I think it's time to go. Get over your sea sickness lol...and have a blast lucky girl!

Kassie said...

Soooo lucky...i looooove cruises..we were supposed to go for our bdays in May because you cruise for free when you're a resident of Florida on your birthday, you just pay the taxes but lucky me was knocked up and sick as hell..I reaaaallly want to go on a Disney cruise..I hear those are the best, and now is prob the time to buy cruise packages after that cruise ship in Italy crashed lol..14% of cruisers requested refunds after the incident which was like a 96 million dollar November will be here before we know it

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

How lucky! Ova and I were planning on going on a cruise in November for our anniversary....but life happened and we had to postpone it! A cruise is the BEST way to and board, and all the food you can eat...all while basking in the nice warm sun! I'm totally jealous right now! haha Hope you find a remedy to your sea sickness!

Tina Tuakoi said...

Sounds like so much fun! One year we'll go, when we no longer have any babies! Lol and yay for swimmer type bodies! Lol

The Lomu Family said...

I wish I wasn't a scared-y cat or we'd go on a cruise! Haha.

My Aiono family is having a reunion on a cruise ship and I'm really just too scared to go..Lol! I know I'm lame! Lol.

Have fun Tuakoi's!!