Spring Break/ Update..

Spring break for the kids, is coming up quick. And I can't wait. Nick will be flying home next weekend, to pick us up. And we'll be headed to Colorado, for their spring break. It is a much needed vacation. Especially for me. Lol I have a ton of spring cleaning to do, so this will be a nice little break before heading back to reality! haha  I am seriously counting down the days!!! :)

We are cleaning out our whole garage, and I am making me my own little craft area. Where I plan to put all my thrift store findings and other miscellaneous things. Lol Cause my little brother is sick of having all my beautiful junk in his room! It's so terrible! It literally has taken up more than half his room!! He threatens to have a yard sale, if I don't get is out asap! haha He's so dramatic! LOL

As far as Mele and Spencer go. Spencer has another loose tooth, this makes it his third tooth that he will be losing. haha  And Mele has one as well. My poor little toothless monkeys! Lol  They are doing extremely well in school! Their teacher's had nothing, but good things to say about them. They are both at the top of their classes and have great grades! They make us such proud parents! :) Spencer needs to work on his behavior skills, but other than that.. life is just peachy for them. Lol Which really means, they're always bored! hahaha They've been staying on top of keeping their rooms clean. Thank goodness. So this week, all I need to work on is laundry, my room, and just getting our bags packed for our little spring break getaway. :)

As for myself, I've been doing really good on limiting my projects to only twice a week. I scored on a ton of stuff yesterday at different thrift stores. I can't wait to work on them!! :) It has just been a nice, relaxing week. Being productive, really does help the time go by a lot faster. Cause Saturday's are my FAVORITE days!! Only if Nick comes home, that is! haha  He won't make it home today though, so I'm a little bummed. :( But I'm sure this week will fly by.. :)


Lately, I've been consumed by doing 'Pinterest' projects around my home. I've been re-decorating, and loving how everything has been coming together! :) I usually work on my projects while the kids are at school, and if not.. I work on them late at night, cause I swear I have insomnia! So I'm up all night, and when the kids get home from school, I'm so drained. I hate it! So I made a goal, starting Sunday.. that I'm going to be in bed by 10, latest 11!! I hope I can do it!

For the past couple days, I felt like I've been neglecting my poor kids. Terrible, right? I've been trying to take them to the park when I can (when my paint is drying on different projects). Today I took them on a long walk. We even stopped at Hook and Ladder for some ice cream. Seeing their faces light up, cause of something I'm doing for them, is the BEST feeling! It's usually Nick, who is the cool parent. Haha It was the perfect weather for our little stroll, and I plan to take them on many more adventures! :)

I found some really neat family traditions that I want to start with them, that I've seen on Pinterest. Nick comes home every weekend, so he is starting his one on one interviews with them. And I'm so excited about it! He discusses their whole week with them, and all their likes and dislikes about the week. And every week, he gives them the top ten reasons, why he thinks they are so special. Every week, will be something different. It's the cutest thing.  Now if only I could master the cooking part on Pinterest! LOL

 I really need to start  taking advantage of the time I have with them! :) I'm slowly making adjustments. I'm going to try and set aside two days out of the week, that I can work on projects. And the rest of the week is devoted to my kids, and working on project Sheena! Oh yeah! LOL Wish me luck! :)

TWO front teeth..

Spencer has officially lost his TWO front (bottom) teeth! He couldn't be more excited. He thinks the tooth fairy is the coolest person.  He runs through our house screaming, 'I'm Rich! I'm Rich!' LOL He keeps telling us, that all his teeth are loose now. I swear, this kid! When he gets older and has no more teeth, I hope he'll look back on this post and remember that he once was very happy to be losing all his teeth! Lol

First tooth.. 
Nick comes home on the weekends, so he pulled Spencer's first tooth, about two weeks ago. And I pulled his second one, last weekend.  Pulling it out sounds so painful, right?? We only pulled them, cause they were barely hanging on. It was hurting him to even take a bite of anything. So they came out super easy. And painless at that. Lol

I always joke and tell Spencer and Mele, how weird it is to me.. that they both lost their two front bottom teeth first. Growing up, Nick and I.. both lost our two front top teeth. That was normal. LOL But I guess not now, the cool teeth are the bottom ones! haha

Second tooth..
I almost cried when he lost his first tooth. It just hit me, that he really is growing so fast! :( He doesn't do a lot of the things, he use to do. He really doesn't care to sleep with me anymore. And he's gotten to heavy for me to try and sneak him to my room, after he falls asleep! haha He's just such a big boy now..

He has a lisp, so now that he doesn't have two teeth, it's more obvious than before! It's the cutest thing! He always brightens up my day, when he turns to me and says, 'Shhhhhhhhhh'.. Lol He's such a clown! :)

I have a ton of updating to do. We have Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow. So I'm sure I'll have a ton to blog about then. LOL.. I've also been re-doing my house, and totally stepping out of my comfort zone. But loving the outcome! Can't wait to post pictures when it's all done! Pinterest has taken over my life!! haha

Suga Mama..

Throughout my life, I've been blessed with the opportunity of having not one, but two moms. My mother Laila, and my second mother (my moms older sister) Sina. And that's who I wanted to blog about. My second mother, Sina. I was born around the time, she returned home on her mission. And I was glued to her hip, ever since!!! haha 

This women, has to be one the Greatest examples in my life! I've never met anyone as humble, caring, giving, and loving as she is. Our kids know her as 'Suga Mama', cause she swears she's too young to be called 'Grandma'.. haha She has six other kids, but they all know, I am the oldest!! LOL Her biological oldest son, was born on my birthday. I always tease and say, that he was born on my birthday, to try and fill the void they had for me, after I left. haha Mean, I know.. But it's all jokes. Kind of! LOL (Love you Chad!!)

She emailed me a couple weeks ago, and had me in tears! Even through her email, I could feel her presence and love.. I just re-read her email today, and again.. I'm in tears!! This is what she wrote : 

"I told you on your wall how I was thinking and missing you all. I was going thru some old stuff & journals, and recalled the worst back pain ever in my life! One night after I just returned from my mission, you were about 3 or 4. A friend (guy) came to visit me at the compton house, so I was outside talking with him and you came out to me and I could not get you to go back into the house. I tried making excuses for you to go back in but you just held my leg then got to playing with my friend and just stayed out there (so nosey)..lol. You finally got tired and I carried you thinking our visit should be ending soon anyway because it was getting late at night. You fell asleep so we talked a little more since now you weren't listening.. ha ha. But I guess that lil talk ended up being another hour. When we finally said our good byes I turned to walk to the house with you and I couldn't move. Scared and not wanting to be embarrassed in front of my friend, I told him to go ahead and leave because I saw uncle Pelo's friend was coming from the backyard. So he left, and I still could not move, so I asked uncle pelo's friend to take you in for me. The pain was so bad I tried to crawl to the house then uncle's friend came out after taking you in and helped me. He said it's because I was standing & carrying you for so long.

I have been thinking a lot of how you had been such a joy in my life then. Uncle fell in love with you because he knew he had to win you over in order to have brownie points with me. At that time he knew he wasn't the only one vying for my hand..ha ha
Anyway, seeing what a wonderful mother, wife and person you turned out to be is still a great source of joy in my life. I wish we lived closer so we can see and be with you often... well, that's all. Sorry for the novel but just recalling so many things... I love you always!"

Words could never express how much this woman means to me!! I am so much like her, in so many ways!! And for that, I am so proud! I can't thank her enough, for all that she has done for myself and my little family. She is an extraordinary women, mom, sugar mama, aunt, sister, wife, and friend!! 

We love you Sina Vaifanua!! :) 


11 years ago today, I gave birth to a Beautiful baby girl. I named my little angel, Raviahna. I was only 17 years old, so my parents thought it would be best for my mom to keep her until I could finish school. My mom took her, and it broke my heart! I was so depressed. I have a really hard time expressing how I feel about things. It's easier for me to just break down and cry. So when my mom took her and went back to Texas, I cried every night! And I would keep a straight face,  and pretend like everything was okay.

 We would visit her here and there, but the trips were getting harder and harder. She would cry every night when she would come to visit. We would have to bribe her to stay another day, or just to stop crying for that matter. It was just too hard on me, seeing her like that. She was not happy at all here. So after she went back to Texas this last time, we kind of grew apart. I know some of you are thinking, what kind of mother lets her child go? But  being so young, I felt like I had no other choice. But to do what my parents told me. Don't get me wrong, I think of her every second of the day. So many family members of mine, have their own opinion on what they think I should do with her. But the only person I care to hear anything from about this situation, is Nana (Raviahna)! If she wasn't happy here, I wasn't going to force it on her! I had no choice, when it came to me keeping her or not. And I will NEVER do that to her!

 I called her to wish her happy birthday today. And she is just so grown. She asked me so many questions, that I knew she would eventually ask. She grew up her whole life, thinking that Nick was her biological father. So today she asked me AGAIN, why she is so much darker than Mele and Spencer. She even asked me to please be honest... I told her, that her biological father is black. And she asked me why he left? I told her, he never left. That I was the one who ran away and took her with me. She then asked, so Nick isn't my dad?? I couldn't help but break down.. again! I told her Nick will ALWAYS be her dad! When Nick and I first got together, he NEVER once judged me for having a child. He loves her as much as he loves Mele and Spencer. He seriously is the only   reason I was able to get through everything when she left!

I still couldn't believe she was asking me all these questions. I was expecting these questions when she turned 16. She asked me why she doesn't live with us? I explained the whole story. Or what I could get her to understand through all my tears! And what a strong, smart, and beautiful young girl she is! She understood what she could. And she just kept telling me to stop crying, cause she doesn't hate me! But oh, how I'm hating myself right now! Why did I ever let her go for so long? I hear it enough from others, about me letting her go. Trust me, it eats at me every single day of my life! I didn't even want to blog about it, but I feel so overwhelmed with it. I had a good crying session with Nick, but I feel like no one will ever understand what I'm feeling.  I want more than anything to have her back, but I would NEVER do that to my step dad. He seriously was like a second father to me! He's raised her since she was only a couple months old. It's just such a long story, that I really don't want to get into. He's her main provider and he's her dad.  His life revolves around her! He is such a Great guy! All he ever asked of me, was to please let her stay and finish high school with him. And the rest would be up to her. After a lot of praying.. Nick and I, agreed. She could stay with him until she finished school. Now I'm starting to question that decision..

    I'm just feeling so overwhelmed with emotions and guilt! My heart is just breaking! I just wish Nick was home!! I know, I just need to put my trust in the lord and pray about this more. But I wish it didn't hurt so bad! My sister Lala and I, will be flying out to spend a weekend with her in 2 weeks. And I can't wait to hug her and make sure she knows how much WE love her! And that she's more than welcome to come home whenever she wants!!

*Mommy LOVES you so much Nana! You have no idea how big of a blessing you are to us!! Happy Birthday Beautiful!!

Another cruise..

Splendor.. Our ship we will be on.. :) 

 We have yet another cruise coming up this November. My little family is so excited about this cruise. We went on one before, and it wasn't the best experience for me! Nick and the kids had a blast though. I, on the other hand.. was soooo seasick!! It was horrible! Nothing worked! I took motion sickness pills, I even tried a patch! And NOTHING worked! So I pretty much stayed in our room the whole time.  Nick and the kids would come and check on me, and I could just see in their faces, how much fun they were having. It was so cute! Lol I swore up and down I would NEVER go on another cruise again! But thinking back on how much fun Nick and the kids had, I would totally go through it all again for them! :)

 So lately, I've been googling ways to help prevent my motion sickness. During my pregnancies, it was bad. And it got even worse, after having them. It pretty much just never went away. So I get pretty sick on long drives, airplanes, and recently found out cruises.. even just watching movies of those things, I can sometimes get pretty nauseated. haha I found a couple things that I'm going to have to try. Soda and crackers, not to lie down when feeling nauseated, rub on my earlobes, and look over the horizon. haha Those are just a few I've read about so far. I'm really anxious to see if any of these even work. I'm hoping the 'no lying down' one works. Cause whenever I felt nauseous, I would just go and lie down. So I'm thinking that was probably why I was so sick on the cruise. I would kind of just lay there. Like a whale. A pale whale! Lol I would even feel so bloated. And trust me, pale and bloated.. do not mix!!! 

 The last cruise we went on was for 4 days. This one is going to be for 7 days! We will be sailing down the coast of Mexico. Spending 2 days in Cabo, on the beach. And another day somewhere else. I totally forgot. But I'm starting to get pretty excited now. Most of Nick's siblings are going, and a ton of his cousins and their families. So we can't wait! I'm hecka pushing my workouts, in hopes that I'll drop enough weight before this cruise! I am determined! We plan to take our kids snorkeling and to swim with the dolphins, while in Cabo. So I need a swimmer type body! ;) It doesn't help, that all you do on the cruise it EAT!! 24/7 open buffet!! Pure heaven! Lol That's another reason I need to lose a ton of weight. Cause I know I'll gain some weight on the cruise! It's so hard to pass up all that good food! haha  Our first family meeting for this cruise is Sunday, and I'm so excited! But I think Nick and the kids are more excited. Lol

Yay, for cruises and swimmer like bodies!! :) 

A day with Dad.

It was so nice waking up to Nick today. He got in last night around 11, and we stayed up and talked and watched movies until like 3 this morning. Today we planned to just be lazy and relax here at home. But my dad thought differently. Lol It's so funny to see how excited he gets too, when Nick comes home. He called me from upstairs, and asked what we were doing today? I told him, we had nothing planned. He told me he wanted all of us to go to Hollywood Connection with the kids, before Nick went back. We agreed. And that's pretty much where our whole day went. We literally spent the whole entire day there. We even left after a couple of hours to have dinner with Nick before he left, and then we went back!! Lol Longest day ever! But it was so nice to see the kids having so much fun with Nick. :)

Nick left around 4, today. He drove back with his brother. I'm really thinking of heading out there tomorrow. One of Nick's other good friend/co-worker and his family are driving out tomorrow afternoon. So I'm thinking maybe I should just follow them, since I've never been there before. I'm just waiting for Nick to get to his hotel, so we can discuss it more. So we can see if we should drive out or not. I know the kids have school, but 3 days wouldn't hurt. Lol I just need to be back before Sunday, to teach my class. Hopefully everything works out, and I'll be blogging from Colorado tomorrow. haha Wishful thinking.. :) 

Quick trip

Another quick trip home for Nick tomorrow. So I'm up trying to hurry and clean house and finish our laundry before he gets in tomorrow night. He has Monday off, so he's coming home for a couple hours. And he'll leave Monday afternoon. I didn't mention anything to the kids, cause they would ask me a million times, what time he'll get here. Lol  Like I said before, I love the shorter visits. But not this short. I guess anytime we get to see him, is good enough for us! We're planning to drive out there soon, to spend a little more time with him, so that will be nice.  I can't wait to see him!! :)

I'm still up, working on my lesson for church tomorrow too. And making sure the kids church clothes are ready. I wish church still started at 11. Now that its starts at 9, I feel like I don't get to sleep in all week. But having church earlier in the day, actually still leaves us the rest of the day to just relax. So I can't complain. OMG, I can't believe it totally slipped my mind, that we have stake conference tomorrow morning. Nice one, Sheena!  Oh well, at least I'll be prepared for next Sunday. :)


Feeling like a crappy daughter..

My dad has been in the army since he was 15 years old. He's been in active duty, since 2000. So he was away from home for the past couple of years. This year, we are fortunate to have him home with us! And I am loving it! He helps out in so many ways! Our kids are so attached to him, and they love just staying home with him. I swear, I never really have my kids anymore cause they always just want to stay home with their grandpa. When he goes anywhere, he loads up all his grandkids. The reason why he bought himself a suburban, was so that he could fit all of his grandkids comfortably! Lol Our kids are his life, and if any of you know him, you know that I'm not even lying. haha We can't discipline our kids when he's around, cause he freaks out on us. Lol He takes them on little walks on Sundays to the golf course across the street, and they go and collect golf balls. I've thrown away so many golf balls, cause we have them all around the house. He is really such a fun grandpa! :)

I decided to write a little about my dad today, because we got into an argument this morning. I love having  him home, but we have our days where we just bump heads. And today was one of those days. After all my dramatic-ness, I realized how wrong I was for yelling back at him. If I was younger, I would have never raised my voice to him! Which I still shouldn't do now!! I feel so terrible! I just get overwhelmed sometimes. And his fob ways tend to kick in, and he makes no sense to me. He screams, cause he's so mad and the things he says, just totally come off the wrong way. Today he just made me feel like I don't do anything around the house. And I couldn't just let it go, which I should have! I of course, screamed back and cried like a baby. Usually when I'm having one of my many dramatic moments, I scream, cry, and then run downstairs! haha Since we have the basement to ourselves. So that's pretty much what happened today. But as I was running down the stairs, I was screaming at him to stop being dramatic. Yet, I was the only one making a scene! LOL.. He's so use to my bipolar ways, that he just stood there and let me have my moment. That's another reason I love him so much, he always just quiets down and lets me have my big freak out session! Cause he knows after, that I'll be fine and we can talk like adults! I know I sound like the biggest brat! But this doesn't happen ALL the time. Just once in a great while. 

After all the commotion, he called me back upstairs and apologized. And I just kept crying. Cause why is he apologizing? I'm the witch of a daughter that thought I could yell at him like that! I'm so mad at myself! He's the best dad, and I know he didn't deserve that from me this morning! He's the one who is home with me and my kids, while Nick is away! He is the second father figure to my kids, while Nick is away! He is still providing my family with groceries and things around the house, because that's just in his nature. He won't let me buy food for the kids, cause he feels the need to pay for things like that. He still is my DAD! And I had NO right, to think that I could talk to him that way! I don't know what I would do without him! I'm always alone here at home, when Nick is gone for months at a time. So him being home, is such a huge blessing! I need to readjust my attitude, and remember where I stand! He is still my DAD, and I love him so much! 


Our Baby.. 

I'm sitting here looking through all Mele's first dance recital pictures, and decided I better blog about it. Since it was such a great memory for us. Especially her.

Mele and Grandpa Pasi. He's so proud. :) 

Beautiful girls. Ana and Mele. 

Beautiful first cousins.. Mele, Salote, Polu Marie, and Tasha.

Mele's been dancing with the polynesian group ATOP, for a couple of months now. She had her first recital last month. She loves dancing, and it's an extra plus that she gets to dance with some of her cousins too. Back in October, we flew to New York (have to blog about that later), to visit Nick. Before we left, she asked him if he would make it to her recital or not?? Work always slows down in the winter for Nick, so he automatically assumed he would. So he promised her, that he wouldn't miss it! Mele was so happy to hear him say that! She would count down the days, not for when the recital would be. But for when Nick would be home, for her recital. Since she was young, Nick ALWAYS kept his promises! Nick came home in November, and was only home for about two weeks. Then he was sent out to Colorado. The week of the recital, I asked him if he would still be able to make it? He told me, he couldn't make it anymore. I told him it was okay. I didn't mention anything to Mele, until a couple days later. Only because she asked me if Nick was still coming? I told her he couldn't make it anymore. I didn't think anything of it, but I could see the tears running down her face. She completely broke down. I called Nick and told him to talk to her, and explain to her why he couldn't make it. And he just kept asking me, why would I tell her that! He told me to give her the phone, and he told her to stop crying.. cause he was still coming! She of course, stopped crying right away! He was so mad at me for making her cry and for even telling her that! I sure got an ear full, after Mele walked out of the room. Lol
His Princess.. 

Mele's recital was on a Wednesday. So Nick drove home after work on Tuesday night. He got in about midnight. The kids were already sleeping for school. When they woke up they were so excited to see him! The excitement in their eyes NEVER gets old when they see their daddy! He of course went and had breakfast with them at school that morning. When he got home we got ready, and ran a few errands. We met up with Nick's little sister, Taeao and her husband for lunch. Then it was time to pick the kids up from school. Our day was just going by so fast! Before we knew it, it was already time for us to head to her recital. We loved seeing all our family and friends who showed up to support her! It was great! Nick got so many shout outs for being the 'father that drove from out of state', just to see his daughter. Lol It was really sweet! And I know my husband was feeling pretty special.

When Mele's group came out to dance, he was so happy! I love how emotionally proud he is of her! His eyes watered up, and he kept turning to me saying, ' Isn't she so Beautiful?' and 'My baby is so pretty!!'.. haha I just laughed.. I thought it was the cutest thing. My camera broke, so I was using my phone to take pictures. And as soon as Mele started dancing, Nick ran over and started recording her. How come I'm the mom, and I didn't even think to record her. haha Sad, right?  He really was emotional, and that's the only reason I got emotional. If he wasn't there being a big cry baby, I would have been fine! Lol After her dance number, the rest of the ATOP groups performed. At the end of the show, they called up all the 4.0 students. It was definitely a proud moment, seeing all our Tuakoi girls walk up there! Nick's parents were on cloud nine! Lol

Daddy's Girl..  
Nick had to drive back to Colorado right after the recital. So we were pretty bummed about that. When we got home, Mele hugged Nick and thanked him for NEVER breaking his promises to her! Promises are a BIG deal in our family. Probably not so much, when I make them. Lol But when Nick promises things, we all hold him to it. I'm just as bad as the kids, if he promises me something. haha He is  a man of his word!

I always say how Nick is such a proud daddy! But our kids are the same way with their dad! They're so proud of their dad! And they know he's always there. No matter what! I absolutely LOVE Nick and Mele's relationship! I get a little jealous at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Nick driving home for less than 24 hours, just to keep his promise.. meant so much to me!! I never knew I could love him any more than I already do, but that day.. I found out that I could! It's him doing these little things, that make me fall even more in love with him!! We don't have the perfect marriage, but for me... it doesn't get any better than this! :)

Totally off the subject, but I am so glad to say.. we are doing great with our goal to try and finish reading the BOM this year! So far, so good! :) Every night we read a chapter, hopefully we can make it a habit! :)

Doctor's appointment.

Don't mind his morning looks! haha Before the shots.. 
So today we had Spencer's appointment, cause there was a misunderstanding with his immunization being up to date. Come to find out, he needed 5 shots!! My poor son! I felt so bad seeing the look on his face, when his doctor told me he would need shots today. He was such a big boy though. He didn't even cry! I was so proud of him! He didn't even get a little teary eyed, but I did! He's my baby, and I know he was just trying to stay strong for me. Cause he knows I get hecka emotional, if I know they're hurting.  :(  His legs are super sore, so I told him he didn't have to go to dance practice tonight. He hurried and jumped up and has been pretending like the pain isn't there. Just so he can still go to dance practice with his cousins. LOL

After!! Lol He's the biggest clown! haha 

Before he had his check up, they checked his eyes.  And his vision isn't as good as it could be. He looked so scared that he couldn't see most of the smaller objects. He kept turning to me saying, ' Mom.. it's so blurry!!'.. I told him it was fine, and that some kids are like that. The doctor told us that we needed to take Spencer in to an eye doctor, but he's pretty sure he's going to need glasses. When Spencer was younger, his vision was pretty bad. But the eye doctor told us that he was too small for glasses and hopefully he would just grow out of it. We were suppose to take him back at the age of 2, if it didn't get better. But I never did, cause I assumed it was better. I guess not. So I set up an appt. for him next week. So we'll see how that goes.

In a funk.. 01/09

Today wasn't as productive as I hoped. I still have laundry to do, and a ton of cleaning left. I'm still trying to get into the swing of things. So I'm somewhat still in a funk. When my house is a mess, I feel like my life is a mess! I feel so out of whack! I'm trying to get into a routine, so that I can stop feeling this way. It always happens this way when Nick is home longer than usual. haha He's been gone for a little over a week, and I still haven't found my way back to life. It's so pathetic!

Tomorrow will be a better day. Spencer has a doctor's appointment in the morning, and both him and Mele have dance practice with ATOP in the evening.  So between that time, I'll be home trying to get things clean. I'm determined to start my schedule off right on Wednesday.  Wake up, get kids ready for school, prayer, eat breakfast, drop them off, go to the gym, come home, volunteer at the kids school, run errands, clean house, make dinner, homework time with the kids, have kids shower, prayer, and bedtime.. Zzzzzzzzz..  I'm already so drained just typing it. But I need to snap out of it!! Wish me luck! Tomorrow is going to be a good day! Ugh!! Lol

P.S Happy Birthday to our niece Sila!! Hope you had the Best Day Ever! We love you!! :)

Sunday.. 01/08/12

I'm trying to stick to my goal, and blog at the end of each day..  Cause I obviously haven't been blogging for the past two years or so.. Terrible! I've passed up so many opportunities to blog about so many things, that thinking about it now just makes me sad.

Today we didn't do much, just got up and went to church. I mentioned in my previous post that I was called to be a primary teacher in our ward at the beginning of last year. It's been such a huge blessing. I love teaching and being taught by our young ones. Last year I taught Mele's class, which was the 7&8 year olds. And that was fun, Mele answered ALL the questions. So she made me feel like an awesome teacher. haha I just found out today, that our primary presidency had moved me, and I will now be teaching the 6&7 year  olds. Do you know what that means?? That means I no longer teach Mele, but I now have Spencer!!! LOL Coincidence?? I think not!! His reaction to hearing that I was now his teacher, was the most dramatic reaction ever! He threw his head back, and his arms up and he yelled.. 'NOOOOOOOOO!!!' The other teachers couldn't help but  laugh, maybe cause I sat there with the same reaction!! hahaha  My first Sunday teaching him, wasn't as bad as I expected. Considering I've seen him worse. And it doesn't help that I have ALL boys in my class, all the same age group as Spencer. So it's like a bunch of little Spencer's, talking my ears off and putting in request for what kind of treats they want me to bring next week! haha

During our class today, Spencer kept shouting out answers.  This is kind of how our conversation went..

Sister Tuakoi : Son, stop shouting out the answers. If you don't raise your hand, I'm not calling on you!!

Spencer : Mom, don't call me 'Son' in class! At church, I'm 'Spencer'. At home, I'm 'Son'..

Sister Tuakoi : Fine!! Don't call me 'MOM' at church, only 'Sister Tuakoi'..

Spencer : Fair enough..

I was so shocked at his response!! I think he hangs out with his aunty Lai, way too much!! hahaha Who talks like that?! He's only 6!! He's the biggest nerd, and I couldn't stop giving him the, ' you wait when we get home' look!! I can tell this is going to be a fun journey!! Lol

On another note, Nick attended the ward out there in Colorado today. Before he left he packed his church clothes, and that gave me the best feeling inside. So you can only imagine how excited I was, when he called this morning while we were getting ready for church, and he told me he was doing the same. He said their ward was as big as ours. And that everyone was so friendly. He was just happy that he could take sacrament. I'm always nagging him about finding a church to go to, when he's out of town. But I don't know, lately I just didn't care to get on him anymore. I figured, he's a grown man. If he wanted to go to church, he would. That's why I'm loving this new him!! Renewing his recommend, going to church without me saying anything!! What was even more shocking, was when we called him to say prayer.. he was watching a devotional. Who is this guy, and what has he done with my husband?? I'm not complaining though!! It definitely started my week off GREAT!! :)

I almost forgot to mention that my younger brother Fasa, who has been here for 3 weeks now, finally went back to California today. It was fun having him here, we can definitely tell how fast our younger siblings are growing. They're all bigger than I am now! Lol  Hoping he comes again real soon.. We love you Fasa!! :)


So I'm really going to try hard to keep up with my blog this year. Even if it's brief little entries. Just so that I can have record of it, in case I forget.

 2011 was such a good year for us.  Some of the highlights of 2011:

* Our 8 year anniversary
* Mele turned 8, and was baptized
* Grandpa Pasi moved home
* Spencer started Kindergarten
* We traveled to Montana
* We traveled to NEW YORK
* Nick worked all year long
* I was called as a Primary teacher
* Made new friends
* Welcomed a new niece and nephews into our lives
* Redecorating our home(Pinterest)
* Finally got an iMac (for Christmas..yay!!!)

Those were just a few of the highlights from our year. So many memories. I swear, the older I get the faster the years are going by. This was a year for me to try and figure out what I wanted to really do with myself. Since both our kids were in school all day. I think one of the things I loved most since the kids have been in school, was getting my quality time with Nick (when he's home). We always go on little dates, or just go cruising anywhere and everywhere. It was the best!  2011 has to be my favorite 'marriage' year so far!! haha I still haven't really figured out what I'm going to do with all my spare time, so I'll stick to volunteering at the kids school for now.

This past Christmas was amazing. We spent so much time with all our extended families, and really felt the true meaning of Christmas. A bit overwhelming before Nick got home, with all the running around trying to get Christmas gifts and all. But I was quickly reminded by a good friend, that I shouldn't stress about the material things, or I will lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. But after Nick got home, everything worked out and we had the Best Christmas yet!

We are so excited for this new year! 2012 is going to be epic! And we can't wait to learn, grow, and make many new memories together! We still are pushing for our 2011 goals, just trying even harder this time around. We are blessed with great family and friends! Our love for the gospel has also grown in so many ways. We truly cannot complain about 2011.  All in all, it was a good year!

My BFF!!

So it's like 2 in the morning now, and I can't sleep. I think it's because Nick is leaving tomorrow. I usually can NEVER sleep the night before he leaves. I go into stalker mode and just watch him sleep. Creepy, I know. I've even recorded him snoring while he's asleep. Terrible, right?? I HATE that his trip home is already coming to an end. It's these longer trips at home, that make it harder for me when he leaves. The shorter trips are easier to handle.

I kind of stalk both my boys when they sleep! Don't judge me! Lol

Earlier today, we decided to take the kids to Planet Play for fhe. And just to go have fun, since it was  Nick's last night and all. While the kids and I were getting ready.. Nick said he had to run down the street really quick. I didn't think anything of it, cause I was too busy getting the kids and myself ready. When he got back, we headed to Draper. He said, he wanted to go on a date tomorrow morning after the kids went to school and before he leaves. I'm always so excited for our little dates, cause it always involves food! Lol So I asked him, what he wanted to do?? He said he wanted to go and do a session and have breakfast at the temple.. I just looked at him kind of shocked, cause I knew he still needed to renew his recommend. He's gone so much, that every time I renew my recommend, he's out of state. I stared at him and asked him, what about his recommend? He looked at me and said, everything is taken care of! I guess on Sunday he had set up and interview with the bishop ( which I had no clue), and he met with the stake president right before we headed to Planet Play. That very second, I know I had the ugliest emotional face ever!! Lol Out of everything he got me for Christmas, THIS was seriously the BEST gift ever!! I'm always telling him how much I want us to go TOGETHER to the temple. So for him to get his recommend and everything situated, so that we can go and do a session before he goes back to Colorado, means the world to me!!! Maybe that's another reason I can't sleep? I'm so excited about our date tomorrow morning. :) I am so in LOVE with this man!! He spoils me and treats me like the Queen that I am!! haha ;)

Pretty sure this is how my emotional face looked!! haha

          --------------------- TO MY LOVE--------------------

Thank You My Handsome, for loving me more than I deserve sometimes!! ;) This has to have been the BEST Christmas yet!! You ALWAYS make me feel like I'm the only women in the world(other than Mele)!! And I'm so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to have you as my Best Friend!! 2012 is going to be an amazing year! Can't wait to make new memories with you and our crazy little offspring!! :) Love you sooooooo much!! :)

Our HAPPY, sort of Creepy smiles.. haha