Update.. :)

I've been out of the blogging world for some time now.. I hate when I do this, cause that just means I have so much catching up to do!! So here's just an update of where we're at now..

Nick is currently working in 'NEW YORK'.. And yes, he is LOVING it! He of course hates being away from home, but come on now.. it's 'NEW YORK!!' hahaha I can't say it enough.. 'NEW YORK!!'. The kids and I, are so excited about our trip out there at the end of the month! 15 more days to be exact. We haven't seen Nick since the 4th of July. So this visit is long over due! Nick is staying in a little city called, Binghamton. Which is only like a three hour drive away from Time Square and everything. Nick's already been to Time Square and says it's soooo crazy!! He even saw Bill Clinton and Angela (Rev Runs daughter). Pretty neat, right?? Our kids are so excited about going to New York, they even pray about it. Just the other day, Spencer was asking Heavenly Father if he would please watch over the Statue of Liberty!! LOL He is such a nerd! The excitement in Nick and the kids voices, when they talk about us all being together again in 'New York' is PRICELESS!! There's so much they all want to do and see, and all I want to do is just enjoy every minute of us being TOGETHER!! My kids look forward to all the big things out there, and so am I. But most of all, I just want to enjoy having Nick by my side again!! The past couple days seem to have been really taking a toll on him. He's getting a little homesick, and he calls about ten times every hour. He calls every morning, and right when I answer, he's saying how many days we have left until he gets to see/hold us. haha Once again, I'm just excited to do all the little things with him!! :)

Now on to Mele and Spencer.. They are both at the top of their classes. Mele is always finishing her work early, and loves helping her fellow classmates out. She has always been such a great helper. Spencer on the other hand, is the same way. But his teacher and I, decided that he needed more classwork and homework to keep him busy. He has little jobs around his class, that also help keep him busy and out of trouble. They are both loving school. They are both dancing for ATOP, which is a Polynesian dance group. Mele is loving it. Spencer seems like he's starting to get a little restless with it. Lol I swear, this kid has me always trying to find new ways to keep him busy!! haha I'm starting to adapt better to them being in school all day.. But I'm still missing them, even though they drive me crazy the second they get home! Lol

Now on to me.. YAY!! haha I've been keeping super busy lately, trying to redecorate everything and anything I can! Lol I just finished my room and living room, and I'm so excited for Nick to see it all!! I think that's probably why he's getting so homesick, cause I'm sending all these pictures of home.. :( Oh well, I just want him to see it all! hahaha At the moment, I'm working on my kitchen/dinning room/family room area!! It's in the process of being painted. I'm so excited to have it all done!! I want it all done before we leave to 'New York'.. that way when we get back, I'll just need to do our bathrooms. :) If I'm up for another project before I go to 'New York', I'll try and do the bathrooms before then?? We'll see though.. I have some AWESOME partners in helping me redecorate my home! Sega and Tangi Asiata!! Tangi not so much anymore, cause she's too busy!! Lol But she helped a ton with my room! (Thank you Tawny!!!) Sega is AMAZING at what she does and I'm so grateful we have similar taste in decor!! LOL I really only ask these two for their help, cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE their company!! They are truly friends who I KNOW will be around for a very very long time!! I love these ladies, but love my house more! bwahahahahahaha.. That's pretty much all right now.. I probably won't blog again until we return from 'New York'.. Don't miss us too much!!! :)