So Nick and I, are due for an upgrade on our phones. I tell Nick that I "REFUSE" to get another phone, unless I absolutely have to! I've had my blackberry for a couple years now, and I LOVE it!

Nick got the Droid as soon as it came out, and he LOVES his phone. He's been really studying up on all his phone options. So he gets pretty annoyed that I don't want to upgrade with him. Cause he really wants to be able to facetime with us, wherever we are. We already skype and oovoo with him, is that not enough?! haha Totally kidding.. kind of! ;) I just don't think I could ever get use to touch phones. I have such fat fingers, that I can't imagine trying to text or dial with these sausages of mine!! Lol But I guess we'll see.. I've been thinking that maybe I should upgrade?? I guess it wouldn't hurt to try something different... If I did upgrade, it would be one of these two phones. The Thunderbolt or the iPhone. Hmmmmmmmmm...

Daddy Knows Best!

So it's been a nice relaxing week here in Montana, but I think it's about that time to head back to Salt Lake. Nick doesn't want us to leave until Sunday, but I'm a primary teacher, so I HAVE to be back before then. I told him we'll head home today, but he said that's not going to happen! He wants us to leave Saturday. So as a compromise, we'll head home tomorrow.

I just keep thinking of everything I still need to get for Mele's special day. She still needs a couple of things, so that's another reason I wanted to hurry and head home. I ordered Mele a dress for her baptism, about a month ago, and it was the perfect dress!! It took about 3, almost 4 weeks to get here. And when it arrived, I almost cried!! No, I actually did cry!! It was NOTHING like how it looked online. I of course sent it back and got a refund, but ever since that dress, nothing stands out to me anymore. It was a horrible experience, and shopping online will NEVER be the same for me! I know I sound pretty dramatic, but it really was a traumatizing experience!! I didn't get a picture of the dress they sent me, and even if I did, I wouldn't post it!! It was HIDEOUS!! The dress looked like it was plucked to death!! But here's a couple of pictures of how it SHOULD have looked.. STUPID DRESS!!

Nick hated this dress anyways! He said it looked like a big bird! haha Such a HATER! He told me not to get it, but I got it anyways. So now when I bring up the dress, he just nods his head in a "I TOLD YOU SO" sort of way. haha So the dress Mele will be wearing now, is the dress her daddy chose for her. It's the dress Nick wanted all along, before I went and ordered this one! I guess her DADDY KNOWS BEST, right? Lol

I almost dread heading back to Salt Lake, cause I know how hectic next week is going to be. I still need to order and pick up all the meat. And get everything else for the food at her party. Nick doesn't get in until next Friday night, so he won't have time to run around and grab anything. That's why I need to go do it all this week. I hate doing stuff like this without him. Cause that means I have to go with my father in law, which also means I have to carry the boxes of meat all by myself!! LOL.. Only cause I feel so bad for him, when he's trying to lift heavy things! And he's so tired all the time from dialysis. Poor guy. I guess I should stop complaining, cause all we're worrying about is the food.

We went through Kassie Feinga, to plan Mele's baptism/birthday party. And I can't imagine the stress she's going through with that! If I'm stressing the way I am, just over the food! It doesn't help that she's pregnant with twins, and has been super sick. I felt so bad for even going through with it still. :( But Kassie was always so sweet about the whole thing. We were EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that she agreed to still do Mele's birthday. Her ideas were AMAZING! And we can't wait to see it all come to life!! Thanks for all the stress and hard work Kassie (and family)!! See you all soon! :)

Wishing her DADDY, a Happy Father's Day!

So since I blogged about my dad for Father's Day, Mele wanted to blog a little something for Nick.. :)

dear dad thanks for all u do for me. i love u so much. who would ask for a better dad i know i wouldn't. he is a very special person in my life.me and you are so close. i think your so strong.you ll always be in my hart. I'm glad mom married you. the sun is shinning the sky clear I'm so glad that you live here. I'm lucky 2 have a dad like u.love your daughter mele.

And that's Mele's little note to her dad. :)

Nick is such a Great dad. I'm so glad that my kids are so close with him. I always think of how our kids came to earth, and how they chose us to be their earthly parents. I always tell Nick, that our kids chose him. And I just happened to be part of the package. haha Nick is all about our kids. He busts his butt at work, just to be able to provide our kids with everything they want and more! Their happiness means the world to him. He doesn't care what anyone says about it either.

We went around town today, to try and find Nick another Father's day gift. Cause we brought him some stuff from home, but we're thinking we could probably add a little more. Nick is one, who won't shop for himself! Even though he wants something, it's the hardest thing, to actually get him to buy it. He's always feeling guilty if he buys something for himself, cause he feels as if he's taking food out of his kids mouths. It's kind of sad actually. So we've been trying to buy him things that we know he's wanted, but he would never buy for himself. And we have had no luck! :( But us being here in Montana with him, is good enough for now.. :)

Happy Father's Day Nick! We are so glad that we could come out here and celebrate Father's Day with you. We love you! :)

P.S Spencer wants you to know, that when he gets older, he's going to buy you a new job! hahahaha So you can be home with us all the time. :)

Happy Father's Day Dad/Grandpa!

When it comes to my dad, I always think AWESOME FATHER, AMAZING GRANDFATHER!! Growing up, we would always hear people say that my dad was such a great father.. But a horrible husband! As sad as it sounds, it's the truth. He always put us first, and we knew it! I tend to take him for granted sometimes. But when I think back on it now? How lucky am I, to have a dad like him!! He is all about his children, and even more about his grandchildren! I don't know how many of his relationships have fallen apart, because of how he always put us first. It breaks my heart, cause I don't want him to be alone. Even when we ask him to please settle down, he always says he's okay and that Mele will take care of him. (Mele totally agrees with him too!) I feel like he's so busy worrying about us, that he can't just move on and be happy.

He's been in the army since he was 15 years old. So he was always a pretty strict dad. We hated it when we were younger. But now that we're grown, we understand why he was, the way he was with us. I don't think it helped that we were all GIRLS!! Until Tueni and Fasa came along.. But that was years later. haha People still tend to get intimidated with him, but we just tease him. He's so much more kick back, and I think with everything we've put him through? He's kind of just given up on the whole ARMY DAD routine! haha

My dad always taught us to put Heveanly Father first, in everything we do. He always made sure we had stability. He always made sure we were grounded and never got to prideful about anything. He taught me, how to be mindful of other people. He's such a loving and giving kind of guy. That it's no wonder, that I'm the way that I am today. :)

My dad is a Great man, and I hope that he will be able to find someone, who will treat him the way he deserves to be treated! :)

Happy Father's Day Dad! We love you! Thanks for all you do for me and my little family!! :)

Longest drive of my life..

The kids and I, drove out to Montana this weekend to spend Father's Day with Nick. This was the first time I've ever driven more than 30 minutes alone. Scary stuff! Lol The whole drive, my kids were driving me CRAZY!! Our car sounded like we had 10 other kids with us, with how much they were arguing!! They fought over EVERYTHING!! Who was going to change the radio station, who was picking the next movie, who got to sit shot gun with mom, who called 'Bingo' first, who was mommy's favorite child.. the list goes on!! Nick kept calling to make sure we were okay, and I was so annoyed by his offspring, that I was being the biggest witch to him too!! He just kept telling me, to be nice. But when I wouldn't stop being mean, he asked that I please just drop his kids off and go back home! LOL.. Of course, I started laughing, but that still didn't change the fact that I wanted to strangle his kids!! LOL..

We left Utah around 3, and got here to Montana around 8.. The kids were so excited to see Nick. And let's be honest, so was I! ;) No matter how annoyed I was on that drive here, it was all worth it! Nick works 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. So we're pretty much here just to greet him when he walks in and say goodbye when he leaves for the day. Lol But with him being gone so much, he LOVES just knowing that we're here. :)

We went and explored the little city of Butte today. It was pretty cool. I've seen more isolated places. I think I'm going to take the kids to a movie and then do some swimming later. Hopefully time goes by fast today, so that Nick can be home already!

As much as I hate the hotel life, it definitely is all worth it when I see Nick's face!! :)

27 years of pure AWESOMENESS!

Today is Nick's 27th birthday!! I talked to him until midnight, and made sure I was the first one to wish him a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".. Lol Usually it's his mom and sisters who beat me to it, but not this year!! Sucka's!! haha I showed them!! LOL JK..

I always see moms posting what their babies are doing at certain ages in their lives, and I thought? I should do that for Nick! I mean, he is my BABY!! LOL So here are a few things Nick is doing now and will forever be doing:

Loves singing (he prefers off key.. Lol)

Is determined to become a UFC fighter.

Adrenaline junkie.

Enjoys watching chick flicks with me.

Loves BIG TRUCKS! The older, the better.

Still falls asleep during sacrament meeting.

LOVES playing with his kids.

Laughs at me, whenever I get mad at him.

Wears flip flops EVERYWHERE! Even in the winter.

Is OBSESSED with working out.

Loves being home with us.

Gets easily distracted.

Sometimes gets a little carried away with his jokes. Lol

Gives in to me, all the time. ;)

Can TALK for days.

Falls asleep when driving to West Valley, but can stay up when driving to California.

Such a handy man, he can fix almost anything.

Gets super frustrated when he can't find his floss.

Has the worst road rage.

Sleeps better at night, when legs and arms are wrapped around me. (Smothering me!!)

Secretly enjoys trying to braid Mele's hair.

Overly protective at times.

A hopeless romantic.

Loves cuddling.

Super affectionate. (Love that about him!!)

And these are just a few things that he does. The list can go on FOREVER! :) Nick is the GREATEST father, husband, son, brother, uncle, and friend. I'm forever indebted to my mother and father in law, for raising such an AMAZING guy!! :) Had to make a few tweaks here and there, but nonetheless, a GREAT guy! Lol We'll be heading out to Montana this weekend, to celebrate his and Mele's birthdays. Since her birthday is on Sunday. We can't wait!! :)


He's FINALLY here! :)

My sister Lala gave birth early this morning to a BEAUTIFUL baby boy!! He weighed in at 7lbs 6oz. and 21 inches long. They named him, LJ BRIGHAM MOTULIKI.. He is absolutely PERFECT!! He gave us a bit of scare at first, but we are extremely grateful to have him here with us now!! :) He's all I keep thinking about. I think it's cause I already know that I'm his FAVORITE auntie!!!! haha It's been about 6 years, since we've had a baby in our family. So we can't help but to just sit and admire this beautiful being!! :) I am so in love with this little guy! I can't wait until he comes home! :)