Daddy Of The Year!

So Nick ended up coming home and surprising us yesterday!! The kids and I, were sooooo HAPPY! We've been fighting for his attention non-stop! When he's home, it's like we are always on the go. And it was no different this time around. :)

First thing on his agenda, was to get Mele her early birthday gift. So off to Best Buy we went. Mele's been asking HIM for a laptop. And sure enough, Nick comes and plays daddy of the year!! He buys her a little HP mini. If it were up to me, she would just get a new pair of shoes! But that's just me! haha Mele's always done so well in school, so he never hesitates to get her anything. Cause she's his baby girl. I hope she takes better care of her laptop, than she does her phone!! Cause she's always misplacing it!! It's so terrible!! Mele is such a big girl now, and she definitely has some proud parents! :)

Next, we went to Target and Toy R Us, to try and find Spencer a new bike. And that didn't go well. Somehow he ended up talking his dad into just buying him the new Mortal Combat game for his ps3!! This kid!! When we got home, he started playing his game right away. Next thing we know, he's running to our room, screaming.. "Dad, Dad.. come quick! I'm beating the "F" word out of this guy!!" We couldn't stop laughing!! He didn't swear, he literally said the "F" word. LOL It was so funny to see how serious his face was! Nick is still determined to find him a bike though. So we'll probably be back at it again tomorrow. Lol

Nick will be leaving on Tuesday. It feels like this trip is already going by sooo fast. It makes me so sad to think about it! The good thing is, he'll only be going to Montana this time. Instead of North Carolina. So we're extremely grateful! I sometimes forget how safe I feel when he's home. All my stress and fears, just go away! Having my other half home, is like being able to be myself again! I'm not myself when he's away. I miss all the little things! Like holding hands while he's driving, rubbing his face, lying on his chest until I fall asleep, him hugging me and holding me.. just because! These are things that I don't take for granted when he's home! I'm so happy! Just having him sleeping next to me, as I'm writing this blog post, is super romantic! Weird, I know.. haha But it is! :) I don't even want to sleep, cause once I do? There goes another day closer for him to be leaving.. :(

Desperate Measures!

So I can't even remember how many times I've applied for Delta airlines! It's pretty ridiculous! I'm checking the airlines everyday, to see what new position they're hiring for. So far, I've applied for ramp, ticketing agent, supply attendant, and reservations! Can you believe that?! I swear, someone in that HR office doesn't like me!! LOL So today, I saw that they were hiring for more "bilingual" ticket agents. As of today, I currently speak.. "JAPANESE".. hahahahahahaha Watch them call me for a phone interview now!! Just my luck, right? LOL

Quick catch up!

So I'm finally able to start blogging again, and I am soooo EXCITED! There is so much that I need to catch up on.

Nick is currently working in North Carolina, and has been there for a couple months now. So far he's missed Easter, Our anniversary, and Mother's Day. Come next month, he will be missing Mele's 8th birthday, and Father's Day. It's so depressing thinking about it! I tell everyone that I'm use to him being away, but I have my days where I just need a good cry and then I'm okay. This time around, we're actually able to ooVoo or skype with him. So it definitely makes it a lot easier. It probably sounds a little weird, but we stay connected even after he falls asleep. Lol He has this thing, where he actually feels like he's home, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, and he can see us sleeping. Ugly, right? ha ha I am so not a cute sleeper, but believe me.. I do try, now that he can see us! North Carolina is 2 hours ahead of Utah time. So I'm dying when he wakes me up for prayer. Cause it's 5:30 am, his time. And 3:30 am, our time. So I am not a happy camper! I sometimes wish I could just ignore his call, but on ooVoo or skype? He's already on and can see our every move! Lol The kids and I, Love that we can see and talk to him everyday now! Nick's birthday is next month as well, and I hate that we won't be able to spend that special day with him either. :( I tried looking up cheap tickets, so that we can fly to see him. But that's a no go! It came out to like $1,000!! So we decided to just stay. Not by choice, but because we don't have that kind of money lying around! Lol It's okay though, he'll be able to come home the first weekend of July, to baptize Mele. So we're counting down the days. I know every women has a great husband, but I truly have an AMAZING HUSBAND! :) The way he makes me smile, laugh, and just feel.. is absolutely breath taking! I am definitely one LUCKY women! :)

Mele and Spencer, are getting bigger by the second. We still can't believe Mele will be 8 years old next month. She's so EXCITED about her baptism. I'm such a cry baby, that I catch myself getting emotional about it, and it's not even until July! LOL Spencer is always teasing her, and telling her that he's going to baptize her! haha He just LOVES getting a reaction out of her! So terrible! And she of course, LOVES telling him that he's adopted! Lol I don't know how many times a day I have to hear them telling on each other! It's so ANNOYING! Spencer is starting school with Mele in August. He'll be in full day kindergarten. So he's always telling me, to hurry and get a job before he starts school. Cause he doesn't want me to be alone. He's always been such a mama's boy. Always so concerned about my well being. :) Mele, just keeps asking me for her own house key, so that she's not waiting outside forever when I'm not home! LOL She's such a big girl now, and such a GREAT helper! She LOVES taking care of her baby cousins. She's so motherly. :) I wish time would just slow down, because they are growing way too fast! :(

As for myself.. I'm just taking it one day at a time. I've joined Sinai's Biggest Loser competition, and I have been in obsessed/beyonce mode! LOL I youtube her everyday!! She is a HUGE motivation! I've been really pushing myself to the limit this past week. I was getting a little discouraged, cause I hate when I feel like I don't see a difference right away! I mean, it's only been about a week and a half. But that's a week an a half, of non stop working out and sticking to a low calorie diet. Lol I was sooo discouraged, that I broke my diet and ate pizza and cheese bread!! :( Boo to me! I've been so cooped up in my home, just being in the zone. That I haven't really seen anyone! Lol But today, I saw Ame and Fine. And right when they saw me, they told me that they noticed I lost weight. Hallelujah!!! And I was back in the game!!! LOL That was all I needed to hear! Lol I LOVE that I have such an AWESOME support system around me! My family and friends, definitely help give me that extra push to keep at it! I'm trying to slim down, mainly before my husband comes home in July! I want him to be surprised when he sees me, as corny as that sounds! He's such a workout fanatic! So it doesn't help when I'm lying there, as he's working out, asking him to please pass the popcorn!! So Sad!! I've never been so mentally devoted to losing weight, the way I am now! It's crazy! I've been passing up free meals at some of the yummiest restaurant's!! I still can't believe it! LOL I'm trying to discipline myself, food wise. And so far, so good. :) Other than the whole diet and exercise.. I'm doing great! Nick's ooVoo-ing us now, so gotta go. Until next time.. :)