Update.. :)

I've been out of the blogging world for some time now.. I hate when I do this, cause that just means I have so much catching up to do!! So here's just an update of where we're at now..

Nick is currently working in 'NEW YORK'.. And yes, he is LOVING it! He of course hates being away from home, but come on now.. it's 'NEW YORK!!' hahaha I can't say it enough.. 'NEW YORK!!'. The kids and I, are so excited about our trip out there at the end of the month! 15 more days to be exact. We haven't seen Nick since the 4th of July. So this visit is long over due! Nick is staying in a little city called, Binghamton. Which is only like a three hour drive away from Time Square and everything. Nick's already been to Time Square and says it's soooo crazy!! He even saw Bill Clinton and Angela (Rev Runs daughter). Pretty neat, right?? Our kids are so excited about going to New York, they even pray about it. Just the other day, Spencer was asking Heavenly Father if he would please watch over the Statue of Liberty!! LOL He is such a nerd! The excitement in Nick and the kids voices, when they talk about us all being together again in 'New York' is PRICELESS!! There's so much they all want to do and see, and all I want to do is just enjoy every minute of us being TOGETHER!! My kids look forward to all the big things out there, and so am I. But most of all, I just want to enjoy having Nick by my side again!! The past couple days seem to have been really taking a toll on him. He's getting a little homesick, and he calls about ten times every hour. He calls every morning, and right when I answer, he's saying how many days we have left until he gets to see/hold us. haha Once again, I'm just excited to do all the little things with him!! :)

Now on to Mele and Spencer.. They are both at the top of their classes. Mele is always finishing her work early, and loves helping her fellow classmates out. She has always been such a great helper. Spencer on the other hand, is the same way. But his teacher and I, decided that he needed more classwork and homework to keep him busy. He has little jobs around his class, that also help keep him busy and out of trouble. They are both loving school. They are both dancing for ATOP, which is a Polynesian dance group. Mele is loving it. Spencer seems like he's starting to get a little restless with it. Lol I swear, this kid has me always trying to find new ways to keep him busy!! haha I'm starting to adapt better to them being in school all day.. But I'm still missing them, even though they drive me crazy the second they get home! Lol

Now on to me.. YAY!! haha I've been keeping super busy lately, trying to redecorate everything and anything I can! Lol I just finished my room and living room, and I'm so excited for Nick to see it all!! I think that's probably why he's getting so homesick, cause I'm sending all these pictures of home.. :( Oh well, I just want him to see it all! hahaha At the moment, I'm working on my kitchen/dinning room/family room area!! It's in the process of being painted. I'm so excited to have it all done!! I want it all done before we leave to 'New York'.. that way when we get back, I'll just need to do our bathrooms. :) If I'm up for another project before I go to 'New York', I'll try and do the bathrooms before then?? We'll see though.. I have some AWESOME partners in helping me redecorate my home! Sega and Tangi Asiata!! Tangi not so much anymore, cause she's too busy!! Lol But she helped a ton with my room! (Thank you Tawny!!!) Sega is AMAZING at what she does and I'm so grateful we have similar taste in decor!! LOL I really only ask these two for their help, cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE their company!! They are truly friends who I KNOW will be around for a very very long time!! I love these ladies, but love my house more! bwahahahahahaha.. That's pretty much all right now.. I probably won't blog again until we return from 'New York'.. Don't miss us too much!!! :)

Only 17 hours at home, and worth EVERY MINUTE!

Yesterday, I took my little sister and brother Tulai and Tueni, to the Pioneer Reggae Bash. We really enjoyed it. All the performers were so good, especially One Foundation! I'm so glad my younger sibblings wanted to go, cause if it weren't for them..we would have just stayed home. Lol Nick kept calling me during the concert asking me how the concert was going? I told him how good everyone was, and that I couldn't really hear him. So he started texting me every now and then. I didn't think anything of it, because we were having such a good time. haha Right as the concert was ending, he was calling.. AGAIN! I answer to tell him that the concert just ended and that I'll call him as soon as I get to the  car. And he tells me, "Well.. I'm OUTSIDE!!".. I respond by saying, "Shut the heck up!".. LOL He tells me again, that he is really outside! I literally start running for the door, in hopes that this wasn't some sick joke of his! (which he does when he's bored!) Sure enough, THERE HE WAS!! :) My handsome was really here!! I started to run to him, to bad there wasn't any wind blowing, cause it would have made this moment perfect! haha Don't hate! LOL He had the biggest smile on his face, and I had an even bigger smile on my face, cause I noticed he was holding something.. In my mind I was secretly saying, "Please be for me! Please be for me!".. haha When I got to him, I hugged him and asked him what was he doing here? He said they gave them all a day off on Sunday, and he wanted to be home with me and the kids before he left to North Dakota this week! I was so HAPPY! He then pulls something out from under his arm, and it was the Fossil bag I've been wanting for a while now! YAY ME!! I'm a big fan of Fossil's bags. Their pretty pricey for just a bag, so that's why I could never bring myself to buy one! Lol But since Nick bought it, who am I to argue! haha

I LOVE how much room they have..

This guy ALWAYS brings me something home, even if it's just for a quick visit.The last visit when he came for the 4th of July, he brought me perfume. The True Religion Hippie Chic one that I always mention to him, but never knew he really paid any attention to! Lol

He's definitely been stepping up his game after the very disappointing anniversary gift! Every year for our anniversary, Nick sends me an edible fruit bouquet and if he's in town, he always has something special planned. This year, I was HOPING  he would change it up a little. When May 2nd rolled around, sure enough.. I get another fruit bouquet. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated it. But I just wanted something different this year. I promise I'm not a brat! haha I had a long talk with him the night of our anniversary. I talked to him about how I feel like he's getting too comfortable with sending me edible arrangements, and how I feel like it's just expected now. I told him how sad it made me feel that I wasn't being surprised anymore. Being a wife, those are some of the things I look forward to. And he really had NO idea. He just apologized over and over.But I don't blame him, cause I'm not a flower kind of girl. I prefer getting things that I can actually use or eat! LOL So with him out of town all the time, that's usually all he thinks of sending me. After that night, he sends me gifts here and there and I LOVE it! He really does know how to SURPRISE me, even though he knows how much I HATE surprises! haha He is such a Great Guy!! I feel so LUCKY and BLESSED to have such an AMAZING HUSBAND, who always takes my WANTS and needs into consideration! ;)

He was only home for 17 hours. He left earlier today, but I'm still on cloud 9! :) Even though the kids and I, have been out to see him a couple times already.. it still doesn't get old! All his surprising moments, definitely out weigh the annoying ones! Lol

On another note, we offically both have the same phone now! LOL.. He absolutely REFUSED to get the iPhone 4!! Oh well, he's lucky he brought me something, or I would have thrown a fit! haha

Hate Goodbyes..

Heading home tomorrow. I hate when we have to leave Nick. I hate showing him that I get so emotional, so I usually wait until we drive off before I break down. He always tells me, it makes it harder if he sees me cry. So I try my hardest to put on a straight face. It's so sad seeing my kids get emotional, while saying our goodbyes.. It was easier when they were younger, when they had no idea what was going on.

 I still remember the first time Mele realized what was going on. We were dropping Nick off to the airport, cause he was leaving for Louisiana. She was only 2, and she hugged Nick and wouldn't let go. Nick asked her what was wrong, and all she could tell him , through all her tears, was that she was really sad. I saw when Mele was born, how instantly Nick was attached to her. He was and  forever will be so overprotective with her. This little girl can do no wrong in her daddy's eyes! haha When we would argue(me throw a fit), he would leave.. with Mele. He took her everywhere! He says I spoil Spencer, but he was worse with Mele! So hearing her tell him this for the first time, broke his heart! That day he held on to her so tight and just cried! Of course, I was begging him to just quit. But I knew he wouldn't, cause with Nick's background, this was probably the only job that would even consider having him work for them. I told him she would be fine, but all he kept saying, was how much little girls NEED their daddy's! I know that's why even though he's away all the time, he makes sure that him and Mele stay close and that she knows he's there no matter what! I LOVE the relationship he has with her.. :)

Now that Spencer is old enough and he understands what's going on. It makes it 10 times harder for me. You don't know how many times I've wanted to just pick up and and travel with Nick. It's just hard, cause we want our kids to have stability in their lives. So when they're in school, we don't travel as much to see him. Plus, we have our responsibilities back at home that need to be tended to. Just last night, Spencer came and hugged me and told me he's going to miss his daddy. I told him, so was I. Then he turned to me and said, but he's my Best Friend. He's just your husband.  I almost cried, but I played it off and fought back my tears. To Spencer, being Best Friends, is the most love you can give to someone. When Nick calls Spencer, it's usually  by one of these nicknames, Son,  Best Friend, and sometimes it's even " Da Boy".. Spencer answers to all of these nicknames. :)  Spencer is always asking me to call Nick, so he can tell his dad any little thing that is going on in his oh so dramatic life. I swear this kid makes life seem so complicated. haha He's only 5!!

I go through phases where I start feeling sorry for myself. And those are the days I'll lock myself in my room and just cry. But then I start to think how much harder it is for other people. I have my 2 sister in laws, who are both pregnant (one giving birth today), who are in the same boat as myself. They are Amazing Mother's. They do what I do everyday, if not.. more! When I think of them, I'm quickly reminded of how pathetic I am being. It just NEVER gets easy! After leaving here, we won't see Nick again for another month or so.. This sucks! :(

Dramatic much?!

No Video Games

Spencer is being super dramatic here in Montana. He's going crazy cause he doesn't have his video games. I told him he couldn't bring any. I told him he could bring his DSi, but he was having a moment, so I changed my mind. He's usually okay, cause I can occupy him with swimming, but not this time around. I've been calling him dramatic all week, and he's been responding by calling me.. ANNOYING! This kid has such a smart mouth, that once I can hold myself back from laughing so hard at the things he says, I'm going to smack him!! I'm glad he's such a bright boy, but sometimes he's just too smart for his own good! We went to dinner the other night, and this was him having one of his many moments about not having his video games. haha This kid!

He didn't even eat. He was too busy, fevering up. Yes, you heard me right! He was literally making himself sick! Don't ask me how, but he did! He is so DRAMATIC!

Music makes me smile.. :)

Music always has its way of cheering me up and making me smile. I go through phases with songs, depending on my mood. And these two songs are currently on repeat! :)
This is Beyonce rehearsing one of her new songs off of her new album. This has to be one of my favorite songs of hers. Only she can give me the chills every time she performs. She's AMAZING! I LOVE HER!!

I heard this song from a friend who posted it on facebook, and I can't get it out of my head! If Nick was an alcoholic, I would be the reason why! ;)

Working Mama..

So I'm just sitting here taking a break from cleaning and doing laundry. We'll be heading back out to Montana on Thursday morning to spend a week with Nick. He'll be leaving to North Dakota in about a week and a half. So we won't be able to drive out there, as much as we do to Montana. North Dakota is about a 12 hour drive from here, I think?? Not sure, but I know it's a really long drive. One that I do NOT plan on making anytime soon! Lol

Nick has been getting really homesick lately, so he's been asking for us to please drive out there. I always notice that when Nick is having a tough time being away from home, I'm usually okay. And I'll be the one to be strong for us. Then I have my days of being depressed and missing him, and he'll be the strong one. I love how it is always playing out like this. Cause I don't know how it would be, if we both had our bad days together??.. Lol

Aside from us leaving on Thursday. I've been hecka job hunting lately. It's pretty scary and nerve wrecking, thinking about jumping back into the work field. This feeling reminds me of how I felt on my first day of jr. high and high school. Not knowing what to expect, is really scary. I'm so determined to get into the airlines though! Cause then we could just fly to wherever Nick is working. But it's just not happening right now. So I've been applying for front desk(hotels) and receptionist jobs, just to keep me busy until Delta calls me back!! Hoping and praying they call me back!! haha I really need a job since Mele and Spencer will both be in school this year. I can't imagine how much time I'm going to have on my hands. I'm going to go CRAZY!! I need a job ASAP! Nick already told me, that whatever money I make from my job, is all mine! So maybe that's why I'm wanting a job even more now! Lol Even though I know, it will all probably just go to savings. I just love the thought of me being able to bring in some kind of income and just helping my little family out. I'll feel so much more useful! :) As corny as it sounds, I want to be able to spoil my husband! Without using his own money to do it. Lol So if any of you know of any jobs hiring, let me know.. :) Preferably, airline jobs! Lol

Wish me luck.. :)

Mele's Special Day!

So as you all probably already know, Mele was baptized last Saturday. We've been talking about this day, since she was born! haha This, her graduation day, her wedding day.. :) Nick and I, knew we wanted to do something big for her. Cause being baptized is a HUGE deal. Such a big decision when you're only 8 years old. :) Nick was so nervous to baptize and confirm her. But he did a really a good job. I'm so bummed I couldn't really hear him confirming her, because all I could hear was my son playing and screaming in the foyer! Terrible! But it didn't make it any less special. I'm so very proud of the both of them! :)

On Sunday, Mele wanted Nick to walk her up to the front, so that she could bare her testimony. He said okay, and when they sat up there to wait for her turn, Nick told her not to be nervous, and she turned to him and said.. "I'm not daddy, I have a really good feeling".. When Nick told me this, I couldn't help but get emotional. I asked him what did he tell her after she said that? And he said he told her that, that was the Holy Ghost.. and she just smiled. She's been learning a lot about the Holy Ghost and being baptized lately. So the thought of her having the Holy Ghost with her all the time now, is the coolest thing ever! :) She did such a great job on baring her testimony for the first time. She looked like a pro! I felt the spirit so strong, as I sat there and listened to how strong and confident she was about becoming a member of the only true church on earth! My heart was so full of joy! And for the first time in about 16 years, who would have thought that Nick would be baring his testimony too. I cried the whole time, just listening to his voice shake from being so nervous, and expressing how much love he had for the gospel and our family!! Hearing him say that when he calls me on Sundays, and just hearing that the kids and I are getting ready for church, makes him feel so Happy. He was mentioning all these little things, that I thought went unnoticed, and I just broke down. Seeing what strong testimonies Nick and Mele had, has to be one of the proudest moments of my life! It was definitely a "SPECIAL DAY"..

It was even more special being able to have Nick and my family in town. I had my my mom, sisters, and my auntie Sina(2nd mom) and her family all here as well. It was so nice! I MISS them all so much!

After her baptism on Saturday, we threw her a big baptism/birthday party. We worked with a friend/party planner Kassie Feinga, to get her party planned out and situated. And for the record, we definitely recommend going through Kassie and her sisters for any event!! :) We didn't stress about anything, but the food! And even that, I'm kicking myself for not having it catered!! It was absolutely AMAZING!! Kassie and her sisters did such an Awesome job on Everything!! We couldn't have been happier! But most importantly, Mele was extremely Excited and Thrilled about her party!! The look on her face, made it all worth it!! :) Pictures just don't justify how awesome this party was! We still are getting comments on how much fun everyone had, and how cute everything was. So a BIG THANK YOU to Kassie and her family!! We couldn't be more pleased with how EVERYTHING turned out!! :)

There's a ton of pictures! Best Party Ever!!!!! :)


So Nick and I, are due for an upgrade on our phones. I tell Nick that I "REFUSE" to get another phone, unless I absolutely have to! I've had my blackberry for a couple years now, and I LOVE it!

Nick got the Droid as soon as it came out, and he LOVES his phone. He's been really studying up on all his phone options. So he gets pretty annoyed that I don't want to upgrade with him. Cause he really wants to be able to facetime with us, wherever we are. We already skype and oovoo with him, is that not enough?! haha Totally kidding.. kind of! ;) I just don't think I could ever get use to touch phones. I have such fat fingers, that I can't imagine trying to text or dial with these sausages of mine!! Lol But I guess we'll see.. I've been thinking that maybe I should upgrade?? I guess it wouldn't hurt to try something different... If I did upgrade, it would be one of these two phones. The Thunderbolt or the iPhone. Hmmmmmmmmm...

Daddy Knows Best!

So it's been a nice relaxing week here in Montana, but I think it's about that time to head back to Salt Lake. Nick doesn't want us to leave until Sunday, but I'm a primary teacher, so I HAVE to be back before then. I told him we'll head home today, but he said that's not going to happen! He wants us to leave Saturday. So as a compromise, we'll head home tomorrow.

I just keep thinking of everything I still need to get for Mele's special day. She still needs a couple of things, so that's another reason I wanted to hurry and head home. I ordered Mele a dress for her baptism, about a month ago, and it was the perfect dress!! It took about 3, almost 4 weeks to get here. And when it arrived, I almost cried!! No, I actually did cry!! It was NOTHING like how it looked online. I of course sent it back and got a refund, but ever since that dress, nothing stands out to me anymore. It was a horrible experience, and shopping online will NEVER be the same for me! I know I sound pretty dramatic, but it really was a traumatizing experience!! I didn't get a picture of the dress they sent me, and even if I did, I wouldn't post it!! It was HIDEOUS!! The dress looked like it was plucked to death!! But here's a couple of pictures of how it SHOULD have looked.. STUPID DRESS!!

Nick hated this dress anyways! He said it looked like a big bird! haha Such a HATER! He told me not to get it, but I got it anyways. So now when I bring up the dress, he just nods his head in a "I TOLD YOU SO" sort of way. haha So the dress Mele will be wearing now, is the dress her daddy chose for her. It's the dress Nick wanted all along, before I went and ordered this one! I guess her DADDY KNOWS BEST, right? Lol

I almost dread heading back to Salt Lake, cause I know how hectic next week is going to be. I still need to order and pick up all the meat. And get everything else for the food at her party. Nick doesn't get in until next Friday night, so he won't have time to run around and grab anything. That's why I need to go do it all this week. I hate doing stuff like this without him. Cause that means I have to go with my father in law, which also means I have to carry the boxes of meat all by myself!! LOL.. Only cause I feel so bad for him, when he's trying to lift heavy things! And he's so tired all the time from dialysis. Poor guy. I guess I should stop complaining, cause all we're worrying about is the food.

We went through Kassie Feinga, to plan Mele's baptism/birthday party. And I can't imagine the stress she's going through with that! If I'm stressing the way I am, just over the food! It doesn't help that she's pregnant with twins, and has been super sick. I felt so bad for even going through with it still. :( But Kassie was always so sweet about the whole thing. We were EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that she agreed to still do Mele's birthday. Her ideas were AMAZING! And we can't wait to see it all come to life!! Thanks for all the stress and hard work Kassie (and family)!! See you all soon! :)

Wishing her DADDY, a Happy Father's Day!

So since I blogged about my dad for Father's Day, Mele wanted to blog a little something for Nick.. :)

dear dad thanks for all u do for me. i love u so much. who would ask for a better dad i know i wouldn't. he is a very special person in my life.me and you are so close. i think your so strong.you ll always be in my hart. I'm glad mom married you. the sun is shinning the sky clear I'm so glad that you live here. I'm lucky 2 have a dad like u.love your daughter mele.

And that's Mele's little note to her dad. :)

Nick is such a Great dad. I'm so glad that my kids are so close with him. I always think of how our kids came to earth, and how they chose us to be their earthly parents. I always tell Nick, that our kids chose him. And I just happened to be part of the package. haha Nick is all about our kids. He busts his butt at work, just to be able to provide our kids with everything they want and more! Their happiness means the world to him. He doesn't care what anyone says about it either.

We went around town today, to try and find Nick another Father's day gift. Cause we brought him some stuff from home, but we're thinking we could probably add a little more. Nick is one, who won't shop for himself! Even though he wants something, it's the hardest thing, to actually get him to buy it. He's always feeling guilty if he buys something for himself, cause he feels as if he's taking food out of his kids mouths. It's kind of sad actually. So we've been trying to buy him things that we know he's wanted, but he would never buy for himself. And we have had no luck! :( But us being here in Montana with him, is good enough for now.. :)

Happy Father's Day Nick! We are so glad that we could come out here and celebrate Father's Day with you. We love you! :)

P.S Spencer wants you to know, that when he gets older, he's going to buy you a new job! hahahaha So you can be home with us all the time. :)

Happy Father's Day Dad/Grandpa!

When it comes to my dad, I always think AWESOME FATHER, AMAZING GRANDFATHER!! Growing up, we would always hear people say that my dad was such a great father.. But a horrible husband! As sad as it sounds, it's the truth. He always put us first, and we knew it! I tend to take him for granted sometimes. But when I think back on it now? How lucky am I, to have a dad like him!! He is all about his children, and even more about his grandchildren! I don't know how many of his relationships have fallen apart, because of how he always put us first. It breaks my heart, cause I don't want him to be alone. Even when we ask him to please settle down, he always says he's okay and that Mele will take care of him. (Mele totally agrees with him too!) I feel like he's so busy worrying about us, that he can't just move on and be happy.

He's been in the army since he was 15 years old. So he was always a pretty strict dad. We hated it when we were younger. But now that we're grown, we understand why he was, the way he was with us. I don't think it helped that we were all GIRLS!! Until Tueni and Fasa came along.. But that was years later. haha People still tend to get intimidated with him, but we just tease him. He's so much more kick back, and I think with everything we've put him through? He's kind of just given up on the whole ARMY DAD routine! haha

My dad always taught us to put Heveanly Father first, in everything we do. He always made sure we had stability. He always made sure we were grounded and never got to prideful about anything. He taught me, how to be mindful of other people. He's such a loving and giving kind of guy. That it's no wonder, that I'm the way that I am today. :)

My dad is a Great man, and I hope that he will be able to find someone, who will treat him the way he deserves to be treated! :)

Happy Father's Day Dad! We love you! Thanks for all you do for me and my little family!! :)

Longest drive of my life..

The kids and I, drove out to Montana this weekend to spend Father's Day with Nick. This was the first time I've ever driven more than 30 minutes alone. Scary stuff! Lol The whole drive, my kids were driving me CRAZY!! Our car sounded like we had 10 other kids with us, with how much they were arguing!! They fought over EVERYTHING!! Who was going to change the radio station, who was picking the next movie, who got to sit shot gun with mom, who called 'Bingo' first, who was mommy's favorite child.. the list goes on!! Nick kept calling to make sure we were okay, and I was so annoyed by his offspring, that I was being the biggest witch to him too!! He just kept telling me, to be nice. But when I wouldn't stop being mean, he asked that I please just drop his kids off and go back home! LOL.. Of course, I started laughing, but that still didn't change the fact that I wanted to strangle his kids!! LOL..

We left Utah around 3, and got here to Montana around 8.. The kids were so excited to see Nick. And let's be honest, so was I! ;) No matter how annoyed I was on that drive here, it was all worth it! Nick works 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. So we're pretty much here just to greet him when he walks in and say goodbye when he leaves for the day. Lol But with him being gone so much, he LOVES just knowing that we're here. :)

We went and explored the little city of Butte today. It was pretty cool. I've seen more isolated places. I think I'm going to take the kids to a movie and then do some swimming later. Hopefully time goes by fast today, so that Nick can be home already!

As much as I hate the hotel life, it definitely is all worth it when I see Nick's face!! :)