Priority Mail..

So a couple of days ago, I got a package in the mail. I was really SURPRISED to see that it was from my husband! :) I was so excited, that I didn't even think of opening it! ha ha I was just happy to have the box from him! Lol

When I did finally open the box, it was a gift, wrapped in gold wrapping paper with a pretty purple bow on it.. When I opened that, it was the perfume I've been wanting FOREVER! I got so emotional! Lol Also included in my special package, was the movie Valentine's Day.. I loved both my gifts sooo much! :)

I love and appreciate my husband for going out of his way, to make my day that much better! :)

I love you so much babe and I'll see you soon! Mwah! :)

P.S ( My husband reads my blogs once in a while, that's why I had to give him that shout out! LOL He's hot! ha ha ha)

Daddy's Coming Home!

So Nick will be home for sure this Easter, and we are so excited! It has been too long! These next couple of weeks are going to fly by! It's crazy how fast these past couple of weeks have gone by! We can't wait to spend as much time with him, until he has to return back to work!

We even went and visited with NIck's grandpa. He's such a loving old man, he always makes us feel so welcomed! I don't know how to speak tongan, but for some weird reason I understand everything he says to me! Lol When I don't understand him, I just nod and smile and he thinks I'm totally understanding him! ha ha ha That silly old man, he cracks me up! I definitely plan on taking the kids to have regular visits with him from now on! I want the kids to get to know him as well as Nick does! :) We love you Pa!

I know it's a little late..

So I just wanted to post some pictures of our 2009 Christmas and New Years with my family.. :) Don't have time to blog, but pictures will have to do for now.. :)

Christmas 2009

New Year's 2010

The BIG 30!

This past week was Nick's sister Fine's 30Th birthday. What an old fogie, huh?! ha ha We celebrated her birthday by all pitching in and paying for her hair to get done. She chopped it all off, and it looks AMAZING! We all love it so much, she is definitely one hot mama! Lol Before that though, we took her to breakfast.. I guess that's the least she can get, since she's almost 50! ha ha ha

That Saturday we all got together with Taeao's boyfriends mom, Dorothy. And she taught us all how to make caramel apple's! They were so good! :) It was so much fun and I am so glad that Fine enjoyed her little birthday celebration! :) Love you Fine! :)

There is so much more going on, but I am still enjoying my internet free life! ha ha So until next time my blogging peeps.. Lol