Quick update..

So it's 2010, and so much has happened since the last time I blogged. I'll probably save all the catching up for another blog. I'll mention what recently has been going on in my life though. ha ha

So I deleted my Facebook account, and I've never felt better! Lol I hate getting caught up in every one's business, cause I honestly rather just keep to myself and my own little family! Lol No offense to all you FB lovers! ha ha It's just that I let facebook take over my life! It's really pathetic when I think about it now! I've been spending so much time with my family, and I've been loving every minute of it! Nick's been home since Christmas, and he'll be heading back to Kansas on Monday. I'm sad, but so glad that we were able to spend so much time together!

Today Nick taught Spencer how to write his whole name! :) We are so proud of him! He's such a little go getter. He sat there for a good hour, getting sooo frustrated with himself! Lol It was so funny! But he was determined to get his name right, and he did! We took him to the store to grab him a little toy, as a reward. And he grabbed a pack of pudding?! ha ha Kids, so easily satisfied! ha ha ( I'll have to post pictures of him writing his name, and how it looks!! We're so proud of him! Lol)

Mele is all about school, homework, playing her DSi, and going to bed! Lol She's been loving how Nick walks to her school, to pick her up. Her two front teeth have finally broke through the gum! Lol And she lost two more teeth, it's so funny! Her hair is actually growing back.. So she's been loving this new year so far! Lol

Nick and I, have been up to absolutely nothing! Lol We work so hard throughout the year, that now that we have time together? It feels like a vacation! ha ha ha Like how I included myself working hard?! Lol Cause I do!! Nick knows it too!! ha ha ha

I love my family so much!! :) Life gets hard sometimes, but I'm determined to help myself and my family become better people! :) I'm so excited for the new year! :) Whoooo Saaaaaa! Lol

Listen to my song on my page! This is my jam! LOL