Nick left back to Colorado today.. It's been such a hard day! Our kids have been asking me if we could please follow daddy?! It's so sad! I know it won't be too much longer, before he comes home for good.. But it's still tough being apart from him!

I've been trying to think of things to keep busy, and it always comes back to me staring at the wall, missing him more and more every second! This sucks! :( And it's so depressing, seeing how sad our kids are without him! They cried so bad when he left! Nick was so emotional!

I'm sure people think I should be use to him leaving by now, but it just gets harder and harder every time! I cried like there was no tomorrow! Lol Nick gets a kick out of seeing me cry for him though, he says it makes him feel loved! ha ha.. Whatever that means!

I love and miss you so much Nick! Please hurry home Love! :(

A little update..

So while Spencer was at school yesterday, I went and took his class some cookies and little spider man goodie bags. His whole class was so excited! All his classmates were saying, " This is the best birthday ever!".. Lol It was too cute! They all made Spencer little birthday cards, and they all sang Happy Birthday to him! One of his teachers got a little emotional, cause she said they're really going to miss the Tuakoi's, when we all eventually leave! :(

Creede has been our 2nd home for the past 2 years. And I can't imagine not being here anymore! It makes me sad! I miss Utah, but Colorado has definitely grown on me, more so our kids! They keep telling me and Nick, that they don't want to stay in Utah! They just want to visit their cousins! Lol So it'll be a hard transition for all of us! :(

Mele and her best friend Trenei, will be pen pals when we leave here. Trenei's grandparents are so sweet! They love Mele to death, and they hate the thought of her leaving! Trenei and Mele, have become inseparable! We know that they will not only become pen pals, but they'll be life long friends! We talked with Trenei's grandparents about Trenei visiting us, and they're all for it! Mele and Trenei, will take turns visiting each other! We're so excited for the both of them!

Happy 4th Birthday Son!

Our son, Spencer Suliasi Tuakoi II.. turned four years old yesterday. He's been talking about his birthday for week's now! ha ha.. He's been anxiously waiting for us, to give him his birthday cake and have everyone sing to him! All he wanted for his birthday was a dinosaur cake, and for all his cousins to be there to sing Happy Birthday to him! So this Saturday, at our 2nd annual Tuakoi Halloween party.. We will be singing Happy Birthday to Spencer and Lil Nick.. And they'll have all their cousins there!

Asi and Tina, bought him the coolest little cowboy set, and he loves it so much! So a big Thank You to Asi and Tina! :) You guys never forget a birthday! Lol We also had the pleasure of having Byron(Nick's boss), Soakai(Nick's cousin), J(Nick's co-worker), and of course Asi, Tina, Lil Nick and Baby Toa come over and celebrate Spencer's birthday with us! :) The company was great! :)

Spencer is our wild child. He purposely annoys his sister, and me!! He has grown so close to his dad, since we've been out here! This is the longest we've ever been with Nick.. Because whenever he would get sent out, we wouldn't be able to go and stay with him, the way we do here! It's been such a blessing!

Spencer loves learning new things! He loves school, except for the days he's lazy! Lol He tries to tell me and Nick, that his teacher makes him sit at the playground by himself all day! ha ha.. He's such a little character! He's always asking tons of questions!

"Why does the sun go down, and the moon comes up?"

"Why do we always have to go to sleep, and not you and daddy?"

"When will I be older than Mele?"

"Why do you want another baby? You don't want me?"

.. there are so many more random questions!! ha ha.. He definitely keeps us on our toes!

Our son has been such an amazing blessing! He's grown out of being a mama's boy, to now being his daddy's best friend! We look at how much he's grown, and couldn't have asked for a better son! He's my cuddle bug, and Nick's little wrestler! He brings us so much joy! And we are truly GRATEFUL to have him in our lives! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH SON! :)