First Fishing Trip..

Our first fishing trip ever, took place yesterday at Love Lake. I know it was Sunday, and we did miss church. But Sunday is my husbands only day off, so once in awhile I feel like since he works so hard, why not go and do something fun and out of the ordinary.. :) So fishing it was! On Saturday, Nick made sure he went and got his fishing license. He was totally prepared! Lol He just borrowed one of his coworker J's, fishing rods. So Sunday morning we followed J and Sokai(Nick's cousin who also works with him), Asi, Tina and the kids, to Love Lake. It wasn't far at all.

From what I hear, I guess all the locals go fishing there. And they are really secretive about this place! Lol My husband was telling me, how whenever they would ask where Love Lake was at?? The local people would just act like they didn't know.. ha ha ha.. The locals here are so funny! :)

So we finally get to Love Lake, and Nick, Mele, and Spencer couldn't wait to jump out of the car! Lol They've been waiting to go fishing, for some time now! Lol So I was just excited to sit there, and watch Nick help the kids put their bate on and cast their fishing rods into the lake. The lake was so beautiful and peaceful! Mele caught the first fish, and it was good size. Nick built a little pond thingy, surrounded by rocks, where we would keep whatever fish we caught in.Lol Nick caught the next fish, and it was a pretty big one. So he put his fish in with Mele's fish, in the little home he had made for them! Lol Our poor son cried thinking he wouldn't catch a fish.. and about half an hour later, I saw something tugging at his line! Lol I was excited for Spencer's fish, because I was the one who got to pull it in! Lol Well, with the help of Spencer of course! ha ha His fish wasn't long at all, but it was so fat! Lol Nick had the biggest fish, and than Mele's fish, and than Spencer's fish. It was so chunky! It was so cute! I tried to catch a picture with them all holding their fishes, but Spencer's fish jumped out of his hands and got away! Lol..

Mele's fish..

Nick's fish..

Spencer crying cause he hasn't caught a fish yet.. Lol

And Spencer finally got one! Lol

The little pond thing we kept our fishes in.. Lol

My babies with their fishes! Lol (Spencer's jumped out of his hands! LOL)

We had such a fun day fishing! We definitely plan on doing it again! I love being able to spend quality time with my family! And we are extremely grateful to be out here, enjoying the great outdoors! :)