Homemade Pizza..

Everyday we're always contemplating on what to make for dinner. So yesterday, we decided to make our very own homemade pizza's. We each made our own, and they turned out soo good! I think mine was the best, but Nick thinks differently! The kids were so excited they were able to put everything on themselves! They made the biggest mess too! Unfortunately, Nick wasn't able to witness them making these delicious creations, cause he was too busy working out! Okay, I didn't mean to make him sound like a bad guy, but that's just his normal routine.. Work, Come home, Give us kisses, and off to workout. It's an everyday routine for him! I'll have to blog about that another time! LOL.. When he did get home, he ate some of the kids pizza's and he LOVED IT! He loved them so much, I made him make both his and mine! That was his punishment! ha ha He added extra mushrooms to mine, cause I absolutely LOVE mushrooms! It really was soo good! Homemade pizza has to be better than any other pizza place out there! (Other than Papa Johns, of course! ha ha)

After we ate, we went and walked around town. It was like 10:00, so everyone in town was already sleeping! It was so quiet and peaceful! Until our kids started talking, and Nick starting singing! WTH?! I was so irritated! I kept, Shhhhhhhh-ing them the whole way! Lol They say there are tons of mountain lions out here, so I was scared that they would hear us and come attack! My husband knew I was scared, so every time we saw a deer, he would yell, MOUNTAIN LION!! I would just smack him and keep walking, even though I knew I was really wanting to run for my life! ha ha Deer are like dogs out here! Lol They are everywhere! They just walk the town, like it's an everyday thing! ha ha It's so crazy!

Well, I have to start cleaning our cabin now, so I'll keep you updated on our lives another time.. :)

Random thought: " I think we'll have some root beer floats again after dinner! Mmmmm.. " LOL

Fun/Scary kind of weekend! Lol

So we've had a pretty fun weekend, this past weekend. On Saturday, after getting pedicures with Tracy, Gail, and Tina.. they dropped me off to Nick and the kids, who were waiting for me at the carnival. The whole drive there, I was hoping Nick cleaned our kids faces, and was praying they had clean clothes on! ha ha ha.. To my surprise.. they were all clean and dressed to impress! ha ha ha.. Nick even fixed Mele's hair, and it looked as if I did it! ha ha ha.. I taught him well! Lol It wasn't a normal carnival. ha ha It had only one ride, and a couple of slides. ha ha ha But our kids had a blast! After the carnival we headed to our kids favorite restaurant here in town, Cascada Bar and Grill. They have the best fries ever! :) When we got there, they had a local band playing, it was so neat! Spencer and Mele, were dancing around with all the other people. They were hecka clapping along with the music. I have to be one of the greatest clappers around! ha ha Since I can't sing, I've become quite the clapper! ha ha ha.. When we came home, the kids were really tired, so they passed out. I, being the scaredy cat that I am, decided to watch, Haunting in Connecticut! ha ha HOLY SCARY! LOL I kept punching Nick to turn it off, but he was so passed out, he didn't hear me at all! So I started singing primary songs in my head! ha ha He finally woke up when I started pinching his back! ( not only am I a clapper, I'm a pincher too!! LOL) He was laughing so hard, cause my eyes were bigger than big, and he said I looked like I was going to cry! ha ha Which I was! ha ha But yeah, that was my traumatic night! Lol

On Sunday, we slept in. It was so nice. We had a lot of laundry to do, so we went into town and did our laundry. Later on during the day, we started making cupcakes for our ER family potluck. The food was GREAT! :) We love getting together with all Nick's co workers. And what made it even better, was that almost all of the ER employee's families were here. Mina brought her 4 wheelers again, and of course, we have our little speedster Mele! She is so crazy! Spencer and Lil Nick jumped on the 4 wheeler with her, and Nick had told her time and time again, to SLOW DOWN! Next thing you know it, I hear screaming from around the corner. All I see is Asi and Nick running towards where the kids were screaming from! So I started running. We get around the corner, and sure enough.. Mele had flipped the 4 wheeler. My heart dropped! I saw Nick running back to the cabin with both our kids in his hands, and their faces are just covered in blood! I was so scared! We get back to our cabins, to clean them up. And to make sure they didn't break any bones, or split their heads open! It had to be one of the scariest moments of my life! Mele and Spencer weren't even wearing helmets! So we were extremely GRATEFUL they weren't hurt worse! We for sure will be grabbing the kids helmets from Walmart on Friday! The crazy thing is, that even after the crash, they were still asking Nick and I, if they can still get their 4 wheelers?! WTH??! ha ha.. Our kids are seriously so crazy! They sure keep us on our toes! ha ha ha.. Their faces are pretty banged up! :( I'm hoping it doesn't scar too bad! Mele's two front teeth are getting ready to fall out, and her whole left side of her face is swollen and scratched up! She's going to look SUPER HOT, when she starts school in a couple of weeks! ha ha ha Spencer's nose area is all that got scratched up, oh and his leg. But other than that, he's fine! Lol

It was just a fun, long, SCARY, yummy food kind a day! Lol

P.S Remember people, SAFETY FIRST! It definitely was an eye opener for us! Our kids will always have their helmets with them at all times!

Yaba Daba Doo! Lol

So I know it's late, but we finally got our kids use to taking their vitamins everyday! Lol They take the Flinstone vitamins, that Nick and I, use to take when we were younger. Mele, is not to fond of it, and Spencer flexes his muscles every time he takes it. We tell them it makes them stronger, and he thinks he can see himself getting stronger! ha ha They're too funny!

I'm not feeling well, and I think I should have grabbed me some vitamins! ha ha I'm dreading getting up to make dinner right now, but I promised my husband, that I would try to cook something tonight. So I decided to go with something really simple, taco salad! ha ha.. I've only had it once before, when my sister in law Ame made it for me. So I'll probably be calling her here in a second, to walk me through the process again! ha ha Not that it's hard or anything, I'm just one of those types, that has to cook exactly by the book! ha ha So wish me luck! Lol

Hopefully, our little journey walk tonight, will help me feel better. It's been raining on and off all day, but I can't put off our walking! Cause if I do, I probably won't ever go walking! ha ha.. So thanks for the great motivation Fay and Janice! ha ha I was so camping on your blogs today! ha ha ha.. I have the SNM diet, like no other! ( Start Next Monday!! LOL).. Love you guys! :D


What a day! :) So as you all know, we finally attended the branch out here. And as I expected, it was great! Everyone was so welcoming! Mele, had a bit of a hard time at first, but she adapted quick. After I sat with her in primary for a little while. Everyone kept telling us, how blessed they were to have us in their branch, but little do they know?? We are the blessed ones, to have the opportunity to attend their branch and to learn all that they have to teach us! It was such an eye opener! It's so crazy, how you could be going through tough times, and you feel like everything your learning, is directed specifically for you! It was really so humbling. They have a primary party on Wednesday, and we are so excited! We just have to come up with something really yummy to take! Lol So if any of you have any good recipes, let me know! ha ha..

After church, we decided to just drive to Alamosa. Where the Walmart is at. Lol And we stopped and grabbed a couple of things, I know it's Sunday. But we had to make that drive, since we were already half way. Cause the church we attend, is like 45 minutes away.. I know it's not an excuse, but that's what we did. Lol We called Taeao, and talked to her for like an hour, just wishing her Happy Birthday! ha ha She said, she'll be coming out soon to visit us, so we're pretty excited! When we got back to Creede, the kids didn't want to come home yet, so we just cruised through town. We ended up seeing Tracy and Gail, two of Nick's co-workers, and they invited us over for dinner. So we ran home and changed, and headed to their cabins. Gail's daughter is in town with her husband and two boys. And they are just the cutest things. I couldn't put her one month old grandson down. Babies are just so precious! Gail made some ribs and baked potatoes, and Tracy made some southern beans and sausage over rice, with some corn bread. Man, can these ladies cook! I talked to Tracy and Mina forever! I feel like I've known these ladies my whole life. They are just so down to earth! And I love that they love my kids so much! ha ha Duper, Nick's foreman, could play with our kids all day long. He wanted Spencer to go and ride around with him tomorrow at work, but I probably will just be taking him to the playground instead! ha ha.. He'll be making us his famous seafood chowder, and I can't wait! That's going to be a whole other post on its own! Lol

We were even able to just walk through town today. I've never just walked around in Creede. But today, was the first time. Creede, is so beautiful! I definitely have to start taking our kids into town more! Lol Once again, we only had our son though! Lol Cause Mele, practically lives with her twin(so they say! LOL) Kyana! They are inseparable! Today was definitely a great day! I'm so glad Nick was able to spend the whole day with us! :)

Yesterday, I went into town and did our laundry. There's only one laundromat in the whole town, so it was kind of busy. But the people here are so honest! I just threw my laundry in and took our kids to the playground. Lol After that, I came back and threw our laundry in the dryers and went back to the playground! Lol Nick met us there, and played for a bit. When we went to get our laundry out of the dryers, the women in there, had already folded our laundry and everything! ha ha And if you know me?? You know I hate folding laundry! ha ha I was so HAPPY! They were the sweetest ladies! So a big shout out to you three women! Whoever you are! ha ha You all are lifesavers! ha ha We had Kyana with us, so when Mina picked her up, she took Mele along with her. They ran to Walmart, and our poor son was so bored! So we took him down to the creek, and him and his dad played for a bit in the water. He was so excited for that! :) Mele, got home kind of late. And Spencer was kind of irritated. Lol Until Mina gave him the toy she bought him! ha ha ha She felt bad, that Mele and Kyana get to go everywhere, and Spencer has to stay back. Isn't she the sweetest?! I freakin love Mina! We definitely our loving are ER family more and more everyday! :)

We plan on having a game night tomorrow night, for FHE! Spencer had become quite the Jenga fanatic! And he's actually pretty good! ha ha Mele is in love with phase 10! Lol So I'll have to figure out how I can tie a lesson in with our game night! Lol We'll even be starting our family walks everyday now, and I can't wait! I've even gotten a new book to start reading, cause I really want to start a little book collection. It's called, Barefoot, by Elin Hilderbrand. I hope it's good! Lol

P.S Thanks Tracy for my new pair of sunglasses! Lol

Happy Birthday Melinda!

Tomorrow is Nick's youngest sister's birthday. Taeao(Melinda) will be turning 20 years old! I can't believe it! I look at Taeao like she is my own little sister. I've known her since she was starting the 7th grade, can you believe that??.. She was just a little girl. So innocent! ha ha ha.. Just kidding Taeao! She is definitely, one of the favorite aunties! Our kids love her to death! She is going to school up at Weber State. And she is very much Miss Independent. :) We sometimes clash, but we always manage to get through it. I can always call Taeao, whenever I just want to talk, or whenever I'm just bored! She's always there for me to bug! ha ha..

We love you Taeao! And we hope you have an awesome birthday without us! Lol Not sure how much fun it'll be, but please try! We don't have a gift for you right now, but we're so excited to try our new ward tomorrow, on your birthday! YAY! LOL.. Happy Birthday Sis! :)

Taking a little journey.. to Walmart!

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day today! :) Nick and I, decided we were going to start our journey walks today. I'm so excited! It's like 4 miles, and we plan to do it every night, after he works out. I love long drives or long walks with my husband. We talk about anything and everything. I sometimes get offended, cause we start talking about our past. Lol But it's all in good fun! Or is it?! ha ha

We drove to Walmart last night, and usually we would have just stopped by Burger King, or Chili's. But we decided to drive a little further to the KFC. It was the best decision yet! ha ha We haven't had KFC forever! And it was so worth it. I think we kind of went over board with ordering though! ha ha It came out to like almost $65 dollars! ha ha But half the order was Nick's cousin, Sokai's! ha ha I think he ordered the whole dang menu. It was too funny! Lol

On our way back from Walmart, I couldn't stop laughing at all the stories Nick and Sokai, were telling me about how they grew up. And about all their criminal days. I'm sure they were thinking they were so tight too! ha ha They're such nerds! We love our drives to Walmart.. :)

It's a Girl!

I wanted to say Congrats to Ame and Paul! Another baby girl! How exciting! I totally thought it was going to be a boy! Lol And December 2nd, is so close to my birthday! ha ha Hopefully she's born on the 4th or the 5th! Lol Congrats again, and we are so excited to have another little girl added to the Tuakoi Family! We love you guys! :D

We're Cool Parents! Lol

Yesterday, turned out to be such a fun day. My husband came home and made ribs, and I must say.. they were pretty dang good! ha ha Mele was with Kyana all day, so we went over there to pick her up. And instead of picking her up, we jumped on the 4 wheelers and just cruised! ha ha Mele, told us, she thought we were so cool! Lol Yesss! It was so nice just to be out, and know that we would be coming home to some tasty ribs! ha ha By the time we were all done riding around, Mele still didn't want to come home. Lol So we came home, and ate dinner. We go to pick up Mele after, and she wasn't even there! Lol They had left on a nature walk! ha ha So we came home again, and Nick and Spencer made some cup cakes! I was in food heaven! ha ha They saved a couple for Mele though, cause Nick knew she would love to put the frosting on! ha ha.. And so when our child finally came home, she was so excited to tell us about her day! ha ha They went riding around on the 4 wheelers all day, up in the canyons. Nick said, he saw her a couple of times, but she was going way too fast! ha ha I'm telling you, this girl has a need for speed! ha ha Spencer is always telling her, when he gets home, he's going to Kota and Yeshua's house! ha ha His cousins. Lol And he tells Mele, that he's going to stay over there all day til it's dark! ha ha ha My poor son! Lol Yeshua called him last night, and he was so excited! He talked his ear off! ha ha.. We build spongebob's, and he's quite the builder that one there! ha ha.. I'm just glad our kids, think we're such fun parents! ha ha ha We don't do much, but we have so much fun, just being together! :)

Extremely Grateful!

So what a week's it's been! Lol.. I've had a pretty crappy week, earlier this week. And I can say, that I feel so much better now! Mele has a little friend, whose name is Trenei. She comes and plays here almost everyday, or when Mele's here of course. And her grandmother always comes and picks her up for lunch, and when it's time for them to go home at the end of the day. We don't really say to much to each other, besides hi and bye.. Just the other day when she came, I think she could tell, I was just not having a good day. So she sat and talked with me for a bit.. She asked me if everything was okay??. And of course, being the soldier that I am, told her I was fine! Lol She then asked if I was LDS??.. I answered, yes I am! She said that they've seen my husband at church before, and that they were really excited to see us at church this Sunday! I wanted to break down, but I just teared up, and said we were just as excited! She mentioned to me, that I shouldn't worry myself over whatever was wrong, and that everything would be okay! :) I nodded, cause if I spoke, I would have just broken down! I told her thank you so much for talking to me, and she gave me a hug and went on her way. It's so crazy, how much of an impact she made on me! Heavenly father works in mysterious ways! We are extremely blessed to be surrounded with such loving strangers! Lol It sounds so corny, but it's the truth! Creede, has to have some of the nicest people, you'll ever meet! And we are so excited to try our new ward! :) I already know we're going to LOVE it!

I also wanted to Thank my family and friends, who have given me such great advice, and for helping me see the bigger picture of everything going on right now. My family will always come before anything or anyone else! And as long as we are HAPPY, that's all that matters! We love you all! And sorry for using all your minutes! ha ha ha.. I'll be calling you all soon, if I haven't already talked to you today! ha ha ha ha

Yummy cake..

So one of Nick's co-workers invited us over for some cake tonight, and she makes her cakes from scratch! She is the sweetest lady! Gail's been working with Nick for some time now, and I can't believe I never got to know her sooner! Lol She even made some spinach dip, and it has to be one of the best I've ever tasted! Mmmmm.. Spencer can't get enough of her little dog, Sammie. It's so cute! Mele on the other hand, is at Mina's cabin. Another co-worker of Nicks. She's the one I blogged about before?? The one who brought her 4 wheelers. She also brought her granddaughter back, so Mele's been here pretty much all day riding around with her! Lol She loves having someone to play with! And so do we! Lol Nick and I, will probably be coming here more often, since Mele will be here with Kyana most of the time.. Lol And we know they'll be making some really good home cooked meals! ha ha Spencer's excited to come to these cabins too, cause the 4 wheelers and Sammie! So it'll be a lot of fun! :) I forgot my camera and phone in our cabin, so I'll have to post pictures another time.. :)

Foot Heaven

Last year, my husband bought me some cowboy house shoes, and I hecka love them! They were just way too big! Lol They didn't have my size, so he got me the smallest pair they had. :) Which was like a size 11, I think?! So this year, we went back to that same shop, and I got me another pair of house shoes! I love love love these ones! They fit perfectly! ha ha ha.. They are probably the most comfortable shoes ever! Besides my Ugg's of course! ha ha.. I've been going through this house shoe phase lately??.. If you go into my closet, that's probably all you'll find! My husband hates it! ha ha.. But whoever came up with house shoes??.. Was the smartest person ever! ha ha I mean, who wouldn't spend money on keeping your feet warm and comfy all day long?! ha ha Genius, I tell you! :D