To Salt Lake or Bust! ha ha

We love being out here in Colorado, but sometimes we just need to visit home! Lol And that's exactly what we'll be doing for the 4th of July weekend! We're pretty excited! We miss our families and friends. It's so quiet and peaceful out here, but sometimes??.. I miss the busy, run down the street to Walmart, or even the movies, kind of life! ha ha ha We'll be heading home on Thursday, after my husband gets off of work. He's probably more excited than we are! ha ha Any chance he gets to go home, he jumps! ha ha So to all our family and friends.. WE'LL BE HOME ON THURSDAY NIGHT! WHOO HOO! PARTAY! LOL.. We'll only be there til Sunday, but that's enough time to spend quality time with everyone! We can't wait! :D

P.S So Nick and I, have to cement the side of our house before the summer is over. If any of you know where we can find a good, affordable price for someone to do it for us??.. Let us know! :D You will be very much appreciated! :D

This is the highlight of Spencer and Lil Nick's days! Lol Just playing, fighting, crying, teasing, being bestfriends.. all day long! Our poor ears! ha ha They probably tell on eachother, at least 100 times a day.. Lol They're so fun to watch though! :)

These are Mele's new friends, here in Colorado. The blonde is Trenei, and the brunette one is Kyana. They are both 6 years old, and they come every morning to hang out with Mele. They are the sweetest little girls. Poor things have to put up with that side buster in the back trying to give them bunny ears! ha ha ha

Mele, loves her new friends! They are all so mature for their age. I feel bad for them though, cause they are constantly being bothered by that innocent bystander on the far left! ha ha ha

Our ER Family..

Today we had a little BBQ for Nick's foreman, Duper. Today was his birthday, so everyone got together and just enjoyed each other's company, and ate some great food! Now I know how good the food is, when I call my husband from Utah, and he tells me they're having a BBQ! Lol I swear he goes on and on, about how good the food is! ha ha It was also the first time I actually really sat and got to know the other employee's that my husband works with. The ladies he works with, are too funny! They are so blunt! Even about them needing to run home and use the bathroom! ha ha ha You think they would be a little shy, working with all these men, but they are just like one of the guys! Lol And they hecka know how to cook!Lol One of the ladies Nick works with, her name is Mina. She brought her 4 wheelers over to our cabins for the kids to ride. And they loved it! Nick and I, couldn't believe how fast Mele and Spencer caught on to driving the 4 wheelers! Nick was so proud of them! Cause 4 wheeling is definitely one of Nick's favorite hobby's! We plan on getting our kids some, before Nick heads home at the end of the year. She even brought her granddaughters, and one of them is Mele's age. She's been here with us all day. Mele, is so excited to have another girl her age here. She's been stuck playing with Spencer and Little Nick for the past week or so. So she's in some desperate need of girl time! ha ha ha It was such a fun family day! I really feel so much more comfortable around them all now. We had a blast with our ER family! Lol And we can't wait to do it again! :D

P.S Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry! My camera is out of order at the moment, so I've just been using my camera on my phone.. :)

A day with dad!

So the other day, the weather was really bad. Nick's crew shut down early, because the rain was pretty terrible! Nick called and said, the guys would be coming home, but he would be staying back to wait for the dump trucks. When he came home for lunch, he asked Mele, if she wanted to go back to work with him??.. She didn't even hesitate, her slippers were on before he even finished the question! ha ha ha So after they left, about an hour later, the weather cleared up. So Nick called, and asked me if Spencer and I, could drive up to the job site, and spend the rest of the day with him and Mele??.. And of course being cooped up all week from this crappy weather, we jumped in the car! Lol Morning looks and all! And we went and spent the day with Nick. It was so neat for me to just sit there and watch him take turns giving the kids driving lessons in the excavator and the front end loader. They were so excited! He even walked them around in the little creek they've been rebuilding. Spencer was so amused with Nick's hard hat. Lol He thought he was the coolest guy! Mele, was just amused with helping the towns people look for cool little rocks in the creek. Lol I was more amused by the huge dump trucks that came and unloaded tons of HUGE rocks. Lol If you couldn't already tell?.. It was a pretty amusing day! Lol It was so fun! The best part of our day, was Nick getting paid to spend the day with the people he LOVES most! :) US! ha ha ha..

When we got back to the cabins, we all decided we wanted to go and watch Transformers. So we all get ready, and start our hour long drive to the closest movie theater! Lol So we get there, and we have Nick's cousin Sokai run in to see what time Transformer plays??.. He comes out and says: " They said there's no specific time. They just start the movie, whenever they sell out!".. Can you believe that?? We were like, okay??.. Lol It's a small town, so we figured we had a lot of time. So we ran to Burger King, and ate there for a good 20 minutes? When we head back to the theaters, we go to buy our tickets, and guess what happens next??.. Lol They sold out! And they only have one showing a night! How terrible is that??.. We just drove from almost eighty miles away for this movie, and it's sold out! And you couldn't even just buy two tickets, if you were going to see a movie, you had to purchase at least five or more at one time! What the shanghai! Lol We were all pretty bummed out! So we just drove to Walmart, since we were already down there! Lol And back to our cabins we came! ha ha What the.. long day it was! But definitely a long day well spent! :D

Happy Birthday T.J!

I wanted to do a quick shout out to my handsome nephew T.J Motuliki! He turned 7 yesterday, and I wanted to let him know how much we love him! He is such a big boy, and such a great helper! Even though, I don't appreciate his helping his younger brother, pound my poor son into the ground! ha ha But hey, what are big brothers for?! ha ha He just waits until Spencer gets another brother or sister! LOL.. T.J is such a calm and very loving little boy! Anything I ask him to do, he does it without complaining! And if he does complain?? I don't hear it! ha ha.. I love you T.J, and thank you for being such a great example to your younger cousins! Love you so much! :D

Just another day..

It’s been raining all week, here in Colorado. And I just heard that it’ll be raining and storming 4th of July weekend! That’s the same weekend we’ll be heading home too! Just our luck! Ha ha ha.. It’s been so peaceful out here! So peaceful, I can often hear myself thinking! Not too sure if that’s a good thing yet! Lol For some weird reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about New Moon! Lol I have no idea why either??.. I think it’s cause the scenery out here, looks so much like the Twilight scenery! I catch myself daydreaming about the Cullens living right down the street, up on the mountain! Cause Creede, is a really small town, just like Forks! And do you want to know what the next town over is called?? South Forks! Crazy, huh?? I bet you they filmed some of Twilight here! But yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking about here in Colorado! Ha ha ha

Last night Nick came home from work, and made dinner. It was so good! After dinner, he got ready and went out with all the guys from his job, for his boss’s birthday. Nick is always asked to go, cause he’s their designated driver! Ha ha ha I don’t think they understand, that once he’s tired??.. He’s worse than a drunk driver! Lol Seriously, it’s so bad! On our drive back from Walmart the other day, I swear he drove the whole way with his eyes closed! You would think he would want me to take over, but nooooo! He’s a crazy man I tell ya! Lol Usually when he gets really tired, I just start serenading him with my beautiful voice! Ha ha You would think that it would make him even more tired, from how soothing my voice is! Ha ha But it somehow keeps him more alert! Lol Thank goodness for this god given talent! Ha ha ha

Besides Nick working, the kids and I, just stay in the cabin! Fun stuff, huh? Lol I swear, I’m constantly cleaning this cabin! Our kids, can destroy our cabin within 2 minutes! There’s a seesaw, volleyball net, basketball hoop, sandbox, and this really cool old bus right outside. But all this rain, is keeping us cooped up inside! I don’t know how much more of this I can take! Ha ha I know, I’m getting on my kids nerves, just as bad as they are getting on mine! Ha ha Cause as soon as Nick walks through the doors after work, we all go running for him!! Ha ha ha I swear I talk his ears off, just as bad as the kids do! It’s so sad! Ha ha But as soon as Tina heals up, we will be out and about with the kids! Busy, busy, busy! Lol

Jon & Kate plus 8

So last night, I watched the most recent rerun of Jon&Kate plus 8. Can I just say, this episode made me more emotional, than I've ever been over a t.v show! I honestly feel as if I knew them my whole entire life! No joke! Lol I actually prayed for their little family last night! I really do hope they pull through this! I know Kate, came off as a huge control freak sometimes. But she is such an awesome mom! I totally felt for her last night, when she said, how she doesn't want to do this alone!! My heart just broke! And Jon??.. He seems like he's dealing with everything pretty well??.. Or maybe that's just how it looked to me?.. Seriously though, what's up with the earrings??.. Lol Or was I once again, the only one who caught that?! Lol

My husband at times, when I get on his nerves, would say: "chill out Kate!" LOL.. And I would go crazy!! He thinks it's the funniest thing, and I'm sitting there crying asking: " Am I really like Kate?!". Ha ha ha.. Just cause I want a clean home, and like things organized, doesn't make me a mean wife! ha ha ha After last night's episode, I had a heart to heart with my husband! I told him, there is no way we will ever get a divorce! I will cut him, if he even tried! ha ha ha ha. Okay, maybe it didn't come out that way?.. Lol But I was totally thinking it! ha ha

It may sound a little corny, but this show has had somewhat of an impact on my life! It makes me want to work that much harder, on being a good mom, and it makes me strive to be an even better wife!! I LOVE my family, and I could never picture myself without them!

Our prayers our with you Jon, Kate, Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah, and Joel..

Happy Father's Day..

I haven't blogged in so long! Lol I feel like I'm new to the whole blogging world again! ha ha.. Today is Father's Day, and my husband and kids are at home sleeping. While my little sister Tulai and I, are sitting here at Raddison Hotel, trying to plan what we're going to do for our dad today! ha ha.. And since Lala, couldn't get it off tonight, we had to come plan our breakfast for our dad here! ha ha ha.. It's actually really nice sitting here with free Internet access! Lol.. We haven't really been able to talk to her, cause I swear people are checking in like crazy! ha ha.. And she says, "It's never busy!!" ha ha..

I just wanted to say, Happy Father's Day to all the amazing father's out there! Especially to my Dad, and my Husband!!

Dad, you are such an amazing man! You've taught me so much, even if I did learn most of it after I got married!! You were always there for me, even when I know you wanted to punch me square in the face! Lol.. I'm the person I am today, because of you! You are such an awesome Grandpa! Our kids are also truly blessed to have you in their lives! :) I love you dad, and there is no other man in this world, who could fill your shoes! GOD BLESS AMERICA! ( My dad serves in the army, so I totally had to throw that in!! ha ha)

Nick, I am so blessed to have you in my life! Our kids are so blessed to have such an amazing father! You are such a hard worker, and I pray that our son will one day grow up to be just like you! I love how patient you are with all of us, especially me! ha ha ha.. I know I tend to be dramatic at times, but hey.. It keeps the excitement in our marriage! ha ha ha I love you so much, and I am so grateful for everything you do for our little family! Happy Father's Day Love! Mwah!