Today we have to clean house and get Nick all packed up, and ready to head to Colorado on Sunday morning! His boss called him today, and told him he needed to pack, cause he would be leaving tonight!! I started crying, as soon as I heard! ha ha ha.. Our anniversary is tomorrow, and I was really looking forward to spending it with him! The past couple of years, he's been gone on our anniversary! So I was pretty excited that this year, he would still be here with me! :) So during all my tears, his boss called back and told him that he would actually be leaving Sunday morning! ha ha.. What a waste of tears, right?! ha ha.. Even though, I'll be crying my eyeballs out come Sunday! ha ha.. I love my husband so much! I'm so GRATEFUL for such a wonderful, loving, respectful, and honest man! You always hear the saying, the women is what holds a family together! But in our family, it's Nick! ha ha ha.. True story! ha ha ha.. I am so excited for everything happening in our lives right now! :) We have been so blessed! Being positive, definitely has us looking at things in a whole different perspective! :) My husband is such an amazing man! And I want him to know, that life without him.. would be no life at all! Awwww.. ha ha ha.. Well, I have to get back to my little family, so until I get a chance to hop on the computer again.. I'll blog for you all later! ha ha ha..