Crazy Hair Day!

So this is Mele's new haircut, that Spencer and Lil Nick decided she should have! It's so short, and I cried so bad when we woke up that morning and saw what they had done! Lol But it's kind of growing on me now! Lol.. We didn't yell at the boys, but we sure did lecture Spencer about touching his sister's hair! We threatened to cut off his Mohawk, cause that is like his life! ha ha ha.. But we didn't! We ended up having Red put SPARTAN on his head! Cause that's the name of Nick's rugby team!.. LOL It turned out GREAT! Red is such an AWESOME BARBER, totally recommend him to everyone! ha ha ha ha.. Thanks Red!!

Good Morning.. The Earth says: HELLO! LOL

I am so deprived of a computer right now! My computer has been down for the past 2 weeks, and so I had to blog and let all my fellow bloggers know that I'm okay! LOL.. Nick and I, will be getting a laptop some time in the near future! So much has happened these past 2 weeks, but I'll have to update you all another time!:) Hope you all had an awesome Easter! Love you all! :)

Hair Zone..

What a great week it's been so far! We've been keeping busy, and we love it! I'm really so surprised with how often we've been leaving our house!! ha ha.. We're really like natural born home bodies! But being out and about, is such a nice breath of fresh air! :)

I'm also going through this hair phase with Mele! ha ha.. Every night, I'm trying a new hairstyle on her! And to my surprise, she loves it! I swear, I feel like I've missed out on so much of her life! ha ha.. Who would of thought, Kindergarten would be such a reality show?! ha ha.. These kids are just way too mature for their own good! Lol.. My husband on the other hand, isn't to fond of me and my hair obsession!! That's what he gets for growing his hair out!! :) Cause as soon as it's time for Mele to go to bed, Nick knows that's when it's his turn! ha ha I'm so in the hair zone right now! Now only if I could figure out what to do with mine?!

But yeah.. haven't blogged for awhile, so I wanted to give you a little update on whats been going on in our lives! :) And if your wondering about Spencer??.. DON'T!! LOL.. That kid!! Words cannot express what Nick and I, are going through with him!! ha ha.. If you have any advice on how we can deal with the out of control child, please let me know!! ha ha ha.. Don't let that innocent face fool you!! ha ha

Selena Gomez/ Hip Hop

Spencer received his very first autographed picture of a superstar today!! And do you want to know who it was??! It was SELENA GOMEZ! Spencer is so in love with Selena! He watches Wizards Of Waverly Place, religiously! My Aunt Sina, knew what a huge fan Spencer was, so she wrote Selena Gomez and told her about how obsessed her grandson was with her!! ha ha.. So a couple months later, he received this autographed photo! Isn't it neat??! He's so in love with it! We have to run and grab a frame for it, so that he can put it up in his room! But for some reason, we can't find her picture!! ha ha ( It's under his pillow!! LOL) We wonder where it could have gone???.. He totally acts like he really doesn't know where it's at, cause he doesn't want any of us touching her picture! ha ha ha.. He is too funny!

So a BIG THANK YOU, to Auntie/Grandma Sina!! For doing that for him! He absolutely LOVES IT! He wouldn't even let us touch the envelope it came in!! ha ha.. It had his name on it and everything! It was just too cute! :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It means so much to him, and even more to us! WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH, and we know it took a family effort to write Selena for him! ha ha..

Our baby girl, Mele.. has her HIP HOP class tonight! She loves Hip Hop!! It's so crazy how much she enjoys it! She even beatboxes, like she's been doing it for years! ha ha.. She thinks she's so tight! She even tries to give Spencer beats, and tells him to try and copy her! Cause she already knows he can't! ha ha So this is all we hear from him, Tickle Tickle Boom! ha ha.. And he thinks he's so cool! But she gets so frustrated! She's always yelling.. THAT'S NOT EVEN A BEAT! She even tries to break dance! ha ha.. I guess we owe it all to her Uncle Paul(Ame's husband), and Hip Hop Harry for helping her find her inner hip hop-ness! I'll definitely have to post pictures of her, once I remember to take my dang camera! ha ha..