Another day in the life..

I had such a lazy day today! I'm so drained! And if you've been following my blog, you know that I'm pretty dramatic with thinking I'm pregnant all the time! ha ha.. So today, I was sure I was pregnant!! Because both my husband and kids, were getting on my last nerve!! Lol But like before, it was another false alarm!! I'm really starting to think that I'm totally over thinking this whole pregnancy issue! I need to just chill out!! Maybe if I start thinking of Spiders or something??.. I don't know??.. It was just a thought! ha ha..

So another reason I wanted to blog today, was because we had such a great family home evening last night! We all met at Fine's house, and had a game night! We of course were missing those who weren't able to attend! But hopefully next time, we'll all be able to be there. :) We played Scattagories, and I'm not even sure if I spelled it right?! LOL.. It was so fun though! I haven't played in ages, so it was so exciting to be competitive and not worry about other people noticing!! ha ha ha.. Cause I was on a roll!! I would say I won, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! ha ha.. It was just a great night! And I just really enjoyed everyone's company! :) It's so weird, I'm not one for family get togethers.. But lately, I've been really enjoying our little get togethers!! And I've noticed that if you only focus on the positive, everything will just fall into place! ;)

Special Day..

Yesterday, we were able to go and witness the blessing of Asi and Tina's baby boy, Halatoa Blay Tuakoi. It was such a heart warming event! It was also the first time Nick, his brothers and their dad, were able to stand together, as Asi blessed Baby Toa! Asi and Tina have such a welcoming ward! During their wards testimony meeting, Taeao stood up and gave such a beautiful testimony! Definitely an eye opener to myself! I was so emotional! Nick is always working out of town. So he would call me every Sunday, telling me to make sure the kids and I go to church! And I would just complain that it's too hard! Especially with Spencer, being the crazy child that he is! LOL.. It's just really hard! But yesterday, totally gave me a new way of looking at things! Polu, Nick's mother.. went to church every Sunday, with all 7 of her kids all by herself! And here I am complaining about going with the 2, I have! There is NO excuse of why I can't take them!! I know that it was just plain laziness, and I need to start portraying to my kids, what's most important in life! And that's the gospel!

After the blessing, we had a little eating for Halatoa. It was so nice to see everyone, who we don't see too much! The food was great! And the company was actually pretty pleasant! ha ha ha .. I want all of you who showed up to know, how much we love you all! And we loved having you all over yesterday! So a big Thank You, to baby Toa.. for bringing everyone together on your special day! :)

Our Tuesday! :)

Yesterday, we took Spencer to get his first official haircut from his Uncle Red! :) Now Angeles, has always told us, that Red cut hair! But I never listened, until I jumped on his Myspace!! LOL.. HOLY TALEDO.. I couldn't believe my eyes!! ha ha.. He is seriously, such a PROFESSIONAL! Spencer's hair turned out AMAZING!! We had to give him his mohawk he wanted, but Red hecka hooked him up with a sweet line up, and one cool, soccer playin design! ha ha.. Or atleast that's what Spencer calls it! LOL.. So a BIG SHOUT OUT TO UNCLE RED!! You did an AWESOME job, and we can't wait to bring him back tomorrow, to get the soccer design on the other side!! LOL..

So on another note, we sure had a busy day with MELE!! Yesterday, before we took Spencer to get his haircut.. Mele decided she was a little bored!! And do you want to know what she did, cause she was bored??!.. Well, let me tell you!! Lately, I've been burning candles all day long in our home. So while I was downstairs, Mele decided she wanted to see if she could lite the remote control on fire??!!.. And to her surprise, she did!! I just hear Spencer yelling from the top of the stairs," Mom, Mele made the fire go big!".. I sat there for a minute, thinking.. fire go big??! WTH?! And then I smelt it! That burning rubber smell??.. Yeah, so I ran upstairs( I was as fast as lightning!!LOL), to find her in the upstairs bathroom, running cold water on the already burnt remote control!! I was so mad!! My kids automatically, throw their hands over their ears, when they know they're in trouble!! ha ha.. Cause Nick tends to flick their ears alot! ha ha.. So that's exactly what she did! She covered her ears! I didn't know what to do??! So being as mad as I was??.. I spanked her little butt!! She didn't even cry!! It was more like a mad scream, type of cry?! ha ha.. And while I was lecturing her about it, she runs to her room and locks me out!! I couldn't even open the dang door! I was beyond mad!! I kept calling Nick, telling him to come home, cause I had an Emergency!! So he gets home(a whole hour later.. ), and I tell him the story.. He knocks on her door, and she opens it.. like nothing happened!! Can you believe that?! ha ha.. She had the nerve to tell Nick, that I was being CRAZY!! LOL.. I laugh about it now, but you should have seen me yesterday!! ha ha.. I was not a happy camper!! Nick explained to her why it wasn't a smart decision she made, and lectured her about playing with fire. She of course kept nodding, saying she understood! I'm so glad he came home when he did!! I really was losing it with this girl!! ha ha.. I just had to blog about it, so I can show her down the line, what an Awesome child she is!! ha ha ha..

Too Cute..

I've never given much thought to the little things we do for our kids, because it comes so naturally. Yesterday, I was sitting in our living room.. and I can just hear my kids screaming from the bathroom, for one of us to take them their towels. So I of course, screamed for Nick to take them their towels! Lol.. So Nick goes to the room, grabs the towels and goes straight into the laundry room.. He does this every time they take a bath! He throws their towels in the dryer for a good 5 minutes, and then he takes it to them!! Lol.. I'm always telling him to stop with the whole warming of the towels thing! Cause I'm not going to do that every time they take a bath! I'm not that nice!! Lol.. So he takes them their warm towels, and they tell him how he's the best dad ever!LOL And he just loves it! ha ha.. So later on last night, Nick went to shower. He always leaves the door unlocked, cause Spencer always goes in there, sits on the toilet, and just talks to Nick about his day! Lol And while he was in there, I could hear my son asking his dad if he wanted him to warm up his towel for him?! ha ha.. I was like.. Oh great! This dang kid is going to ask me to turn on the dryer for him! Lol But he never came out of the bathroom! So I just sat there, waiting for Spencer to call me. And so I can hear the shower go off, and I hear Nick asking Spencer if he warmed up his towel yet??.. And then I hear Nick laughing so hard, yelling for me to come and see what Spencer did!! ha ha.. I was really worried at this point! This kid tends to do the most random things! Lol.. I walk to the bathroom, to find that he soaked Nick's towel in hot water in our bathroom sink!! He thought I was going to be mad, so he kept telling me.. I just warmed up dads towel?!! It was the cutest thing! I'm so happy that our kids are trying to do the little kind things that we/my husband, do for them! Lol It really makes me extremely grateful for all the little things we do in life! Cause seriously, it's all the little things we do, that really matter! :)

Hate Free Zone!!

I often wonder sometimes??.. Do people seriously talk crap about other people, and think it won't get back to them??! I found out some things today, that really didn't surprise me! But I was still kind of annoyed! And I'm just SICK OF IT!! Don't act like my friend one minute, and then turn around and stab me in the back! I'M OVER IT, AND I'M OVER YOU!! Don't preach one thing, and then do the exact opposite! I'm trying to better my life, and if you don't like it??.. I DON'T CARE! Cause it works for me! And I'm not being FAKE!! Just because I'm not angry at the world still, like you obviously are.. That's not my problem!! I JUST DON'T CARE TO BE MISERABLE! And who cares if I'm friends with someone you don't like, or even I use to dislike at that!! I'm doing fine, getting along with anyone and everyone in my life right now! I'm living a DRAMA FREE LIFE! And I am pretty dang PROUD OF IT!! I wish that people would stop being so NEGATIVE all the time!! I'm enjoying my FAMILY AND CLOSE FRIENDS, and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!! I really hope one day you freakin HATERS will realize what HYPOCRITES your being, and get over whatever little/big issues you have!! I mean seriously.. GROW UP!!

Stupid Ladies!

After Nick's rugby game today, we ran to Walmart to grab some things we needed to make dinner.. We pulled into a parking, and we get out and start walking in. Right next to us was an elderly couple, who just finished loading all their groceries into their car. Now right behind this elderly couple, were two ladies who were also getting into their vehicle. So at this point, we're still walking across the parking lot to go into the store. And we see the elderly couple starting to reverse. We all know that elderly people do tend to drive a little slower then normal people would! Lol But that's only because they're more cautious of their surroundings! :) So this poor elderly couple start reversing, and not paying attention to their surroundings, are these two ladies also reversing!! Now these two ladies are probably a little older then I am?? And they start honking like the FREAKIN MANIACS they are at this poor couple, who were obviously reversing first! The poor old man stops to let these PHSYCO women go first, and the dang MAD WOMEN jumps out of her car, telling this poor old man off!! I was so MAD! All I could hear was this poor old man, apologizing for something he wasn't even at fault for!! I was HULK MAD, at this point! I kept trying to make my way back to these women, to give them a piece of my mind!.. and then some!! Lol But my husband kept telling me to leave it alone, cause they were already driving off!! I was throwing around cuss words I didn't even know existed! Lol.. Trying to flip them off, but being as mad as I was, all my fingers were going up!! I think I threw up the Glendale sign, somewhere in there! ha ha ha ha.. My husband was probably so embarrassed?! He's one of those husbands that kind of just sit back, while your freakin out on someone. And then once he gets the slightest idea that your in danger, jumps in and handles everything from there!! And I'm not talking about calming people down, kind of handle! ha ha I'm talking more like a.. one hitter quitter kind of handle!! ha ha ha.. Those dang women are so lucky!! I don't act like I'm all tough or anything like that!! But I don't understand why people think they can treat or even talk to people like that?! Especially to elderly people! That is definitely one of my pet peeves! I can't stand seeing people treating elderly people wrong!! Especially when it's not even their fault! I mean yeah, I get mad when their driving hecka slow on the highway!!.. Lol But they're elderly.. so I just pass them up and that's it! There is no need to stop and swear at them! And I don't even think the poor guy heard her swearing at him, he was probably wearing a hearing aid?! That dumb lady is so MODED, if he was! ha ha ha.. Ahhhh.. I feel so much better now that I've vented about it! LOL.. I've been venting to my husband non-stop since we left Walmart.. and that was like 5 hours ago!! ha ha ha.. Okay, thanks for listening! Have a great night! :)

P.S And if you two EVIL LADIES from the parking lot incident, are reading this: BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!

P.S.S I don't care to have your opinion on this one Angeles Mahe!! ha ha ha.. The whole world knows how you feel about elderly people driving! ha ha ha..

This isn't the elderly couple from earlier, but I just wanted you to all get a visual of how they looked! ha ha ha.. Cause this picture of this random couple, is pretty dang close to how they really looked! :)

Am I??..

I love blogging, cause you can blog about the most random things!! ha ha.. So here is one of my many random posts!LOL For the past couple of months, I would wake up in the middle of the night, and swear I was pregnant!! LOL.. So I would make Nick run to Walmart and grab me a pregnancy test!! It actually happens alot!! I could get a craving, and be like, OMG.. I'm PREGNANT! HA HA HA.. And send Nick off to Walmart!! ha ha.. So the other night, he was just sick of it! Cause every time he gets me a test, it's always negative!! He's always telling me , that he just goes to work to buy my pregnancy tests! Lol So anyways, a couple nights ago, I made him run back to Walmart for the 100th billionth time!! ha ha.. And he came back with 4 boxes of the cheapest pregnancy test he could find!! ha ha.. Cause with me, it could be a pregnancy test from a vending machine, and it would still detect if I was prego!! LOL.. And low and behold, it was negative!! After I came out of the bathroom, Nick didn't even bother waiting up to hear the results! He already knew! ha ha The next day, he was like, "So what are we having??! A girl or a boy?!" ha ha.. It was the funniest thing! ha ha.. I'm so glad that he still has a sense of humor, with my dramatic butt! ha ha.. It's not fun stressing out about getting pregnant!! ha ha..

I hate this time of the month!!

So I've been PMS-ing, for the past couple days now!! And I am such a grouch! I swear when it's that time of the month, you go through more emotions then you would, if you were to be pregnant!! ha ha.. I haven't cleaned my house for the past couple of days now, cause I've been so lazy! I haven't cooked dinner at all this week, cause I've been so tired! Nick gets home from work, cooks and cleans.. just so he doesn't have to hear my complaining of how bloated or irritated I am!! My poor husband!! I know he wants to tell me to do something, but he really doesn't want to unleash the beast in me!! ha ha.. So one more day of these awful mood swings, and I'll be back on track!! Lol.. Although, I've been really moody, I don't let it effect my daily workouts with Ame!! ha ha ha.. She's an awesome, and very motivating workout buddy!! :) She pushes me to the limit! Not even joking, my legs could be on the verge of giving out.. and she's still going!! ha ha.. So what can I do??.. I keep going too!! ha ha ha.. Well, I'm off to clean my house before Nick gets home, he's lucky I'm not as moody today! ha ha.. Plus, he deserves a break!! So today is his day to just relax!!.. and massage me!! ha ha ha.. My back is killing me! (Does anyone get these kind of back pains, this time of the month??! Or am I just abnormal??! LOL)

This is seriously, how dramatic I am!! LOL

TAG: My Hubby..

1. What is his name? Nick Paras Tuakoi

2. Who eats more? Definitely him! I just like to nibble here and there! LOL

3. Who said "I love you" first? Of course he did! He couldn't let me get away, now could he?! ha ha ha ha..

4. Who is taller? He is..

5. Who is smarter? I think we're about the same in this department! LOL

6. Who is more sensitive? ME!! I cry about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! I'm an emotional wreck! ha ha ha..

7. Who does the laundry? I usually do it, but Nick has to fold and put away! ha ha But I thought he could handle a little more, so he does the laundry and folds and puts away! LOL

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do..

9. Who pays the bills? He does! He sure is Superman! ha ha He does laundry and pays the bills! LOL

10. Who cooks more? I'm not liking this survey too much anymore!LOL.. But Nick definitely cooks more! ha ha ha.. If it helps, I clean up after he cooks?! LOL

11. Who is more stubborn? That would have to be ME! LOL

12. Who is first to admit they are wrong? I never admit I'm wrong!! That's a rule! ha ha.. (just kidding!!)

13. Who has more siblings? Well, I guess I do??.. If you count all the half sister and brothers! ha ha ha..

14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Don't make me laugh!! Ha ha ha.. Do I really need to answer this?! ha ha ha.. I DO!! LOL

15. What do you like to do together? Nick likes to massage my feet, hands, back, and legs!! ha ha We really enjoy his massaging technique! ha ha ha

16. Who eats more sweets? Have you seen me?! LOL I like live in SWEETS CITY! ha ha ha

17. His Guilty pleasures are: Working on his blazer, camping on KSL, looking at 4 wheeling magazines, and playing with me!! ha ha ha ha.. LOL

18. How did you meet? We met in Jr.High.. He was one of those kids you knew, cause he was always getting into trouble! He was such a Rebel! ha ha ha

19. Who asked whom out first? He asked me, and after he did??.. He was hooked! ha ha

20. Who kissed who first? It was a mutual thing! ha ha It just happened! LOL

21. Who proposed? He did, or should I say, my belly did?! ha ha ha.. He totally trapped me! ha ha ha J/K..

22. His best features and qualities? His best feature would have to be his smile! His best quality would have to be his big heart!! It's flippin huge! ha ha ha.. No, he's so caring! He's always helping anyone and everyone out! He's such a great guy! I love him so much! :)

23. Tag your it : Anyone reading this blog!

Our Busy Busy Saturday!

So Saturday, was Spencer's first soccer game! It was the funniest soccer game I've ever been to! I've never been to a soccer game where little boys act like dinosaurs, play in the goal net, chase each other around instead of chasing the ball, and just being dramatic! Lol.. Even though Spencer was so distracted by everything going on around him.. he did a pretty good job at kicking the ball a couple of times! He is so excited to be a part of Team Dynamo! The whole time he was playing, he kept thinking about the raspberry filled donuts, that were sitting in his dads truck waiting for him! LOL.. He thinks that every time he plays good, he'll get a donut! ha ha.. He's such a silly kid, and we loved watching him bounce off the walls! :)

Right after Spencer's soccer game, Mele and I, rushed over to The Paul Mitchell School for hair.. They were having a Princess Day, and donating all the proceeds to a charity! We met up with Fine and Analeah, and it was so much fun! The girl's had their nails, hair, and makeup done! It was such a fun little mother daughter day for us! I know at times Mele, tends to think we pay too much attention to Spencer! But we can't help it, when the dang kid is doing things, that he shouldn't be doing! LOL He scares us, he's so fearless!! ha ha.. With Mele, we don't have to worry about her! She does what she's suppose to!! She's such a good girl! Spencer is the total opposite! ha ha.. So it was nice to just spoil her for the day, and let her know how SPECIAL she is!!..

So after Mele's princess day, we head over to Kearns Park, for Nick's rugby game. It was such a great game! I don't understand the game, as well as I would like too.. but I know they won!! LOL.. Nick actually got the ball a couple of times in this game!! ha ha.. With the position he plays, he doesn't really get the ball too much.. He just hits other guys a whole lot!! LOL.. And he loves it!! That's the only reason he actually plays!! He loves to hit and tackle guys, and he doesn't get in trouble for it!! LOL.. It was really fun to just sit there and really watch him play! ha ha Usually, I just go to talk with the other wives, and watch all our kids play together! Lol.. So I'm so going to watch my hubby more often!! LOL.. He was totally trying to show off for me too!! ha ha What a stud!! ha ha ha.. He cracks me up!

And that was about it, for our busy, busy Saturday!!.. :)

Great Movie..

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.. was such a heartbreaking movie! I just got done crying over it! I couldn't imagine my family going through what the Jews went through, how many years ago!.. I can't even really type right now, I'm tearing up still! It's such a good movie, but so so so sad! It really makes you EXTREMELY GRATEFUL, for all the freedom we have now! I can't even explain the movie,I'm so emotional! So you'll have to watch it for yourself!

New hair..

So here is Lee's new haircut! Doesn't she look GREAT! We're so proud of her, for actually going through with the whole haircut! Isn't peer pressure a beautiful thing?! ha ha.. Lol.. She is such an AMAZING friend, and I hope she now realizes how BEAUTIFUL she really is! Love you Lina! If ya want to see more of Lee's whole hair cutting process.. go here: ENJOY!


Twilight is coming out on DVD this Saturday night, can you believe it??! I'm so Excited! My husband just told me today, and I am so glad that he looks out for these kinds of things! Lol.. He's flippin AWESOME!Lol.. It's already Thursday, so two more days and my Cullen Boys will be here in my very own home! Lol.. Oh yeah! ha ha ha..

On another note, Lee's new hair looks AMAZING! She looks like a whole new person! She looks so BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait for Ange to post the pictures, so that I can jack them, and post them on my page too! Lol..

My day with My Litte Roo!

So yesterday, I spent pretty much the whole day with some of my favorite gals! Angeles, Lina, and Baby Riana.. Now, Riana didn't like me very much when we went to lunch! But by the end of the night, she didn't want to leave my side! Lol.. I call Riana, my LITTLE ROO! Lol When you sit her on your lap, she kicks and bounces around like a little kangaroo! Lol.. And she's forever doing her lips as if she's making a Roo sound! She hecka reminds of me of the little kangaroo on Whinnie the Pooh! Lol She's so cute! I can't believe she loves me so much! I mean, I don't blame her! ha ha.. She is the funniest little girl! I stayed with her the whole time, while Ange and Lina, were discussing what kind of haircut Lina will be getting today! ha ha.. And that reminds me.. if any of you know Lina, you know she has the longest hair ever! Lol.. She has never cut or colored it! So tonight at 6, is her hair appointment! Ange and I, will be taking her of course! To make sure she doesn't try to take off, before chopping it all off! ha ha.. So we're pretty excited to see the outcome! YAY LEE! :) Now back to Riana!! ha ha ha.. I'll be seeing my Litte Roo , again tonight! I bet she's so excited to see me?! Lol.. She's probably up right now, telling her mom to get her ready! ha ha ha.. I had such a great time with the girls! I really needed to hang out with them, cause I swear I was going into depressed mode!(since my mom and sisters left!).. So thank you Ange, Lina, and My Little Roo, for an awesome day! And I'll see you guys later on today! Love you guys! :)