So I have my first appointment tomorrow, since getting insurance! I'm so excited to go and see the doctor! We've been trying to have another baby for the past, who knows how long?! Lol.. It's actually very depressing! But I'm sure the doctor will let me know what organs need to be rearranged and what not! hahaha I'm pretty sure he can hopefully wiggle a few tubes around and I'll be good to go! Lol.. Only if it were that easy! haha We're really hoping for another girl! But we will be just as happy if we were to have a boy.. although, we're really leaning towards a little girl! haha I'm just so glad Nick is here to go to my appointment and everything with me! His boss tried to call him again today to go to Colorado next week with him, but Nick just told him he has to pass.. Thank goodness! Even though, he's only staying cause he has to train.. I like to pretend he's staying, cause he can't bare the thought of being away from me! hahaha

Well, besides all my jibber jabber about wanting to have a baby.. Nick's uncle Misi passed away today! It's been a hard past couple of months for him! It's so sad, but I'm so glad he's in a much better place! He has such strong children, who have been through so much these past couple of years. Nick has always been very close with all of them! And I love that they know they can come to us whenever they need anything, and same with us. We know we can always turn to them as well, especially during hard times.. Nick and I know we can call them for anything! And never once do they hesitate! We are so grateful to have the Hosea family in our lives! Our thoughts and prayers go out to them! We love you guys!

Mele's first tooth..

So Mele lost her first tooth yesterday! She was so excited! She kept telling me, that now she can put it under her pillow and get money from the tooth fairy.. so that she can help Mommy and Daddy pay all the bills! Lol.. She is such a sweetheart! We love her so much and love that she's always trying to do something to help us out around the house! We love you Mele and please stay sweet.. atleast another week or so! haha J/k..
(Mele and her morning looks! haha)

Happy Birthday Raviahna..

So today is our eldest daughter's birthday! She just turned 8! I still can't believe how fast she's growing up! She lives in Texas, but she is very much in our thoughts and prayers! Not a day goes by, where I don't think of her! Nick, Mele and Spencer are constantly talking about her! Lol.. She is such a huge blessing and such a beautiful little girl! We Love You So Much Raviahna!.. and we can't wait to come and see you again! :)


So my husband is heading back out to Colorado with his boss today! I was so sad when he told me!:( But was so excited when he also told me, that he would be back by Thursday or Friday! Lol.. He's just heading back up to Colorado, so that they can check out their job sites and make sure it's ready for them to all head back out.. Nick just started his training to fight in the MMA/UFC a couple days ago. So when his boss asked him to go with him, he thought this would be the best time to talk to his boss about him training and not getting sent out until March or so.. We know it's going to be hard, but we also know it'll be so worth it in the end! This has been Nick's dream for years! And to see him finally doing something to make it happen, brings tears to my eyes! There is no other man I know, who will be as dedicated as my husband!(no offense!Lol) His first day of training, he came home and he was so soar! And yet, he was trying to ask me if he could show me his Jiu Jitsu moves he learned??! Lol.. You should of seen my face! hahaha I was like.."Are you serious?!". "NO!!, you can't show me your new moves!" Lol.. I swear I hate being the only other adult in this house!haha He wants to try everything he learns on me!Lol.. My poor husband! Lol.. Little does he know, I would HURT HIM! HAHA But yeah.. nothing but excitement here! We are so Blessed and Grateful for EVERYTHING Heavenly Father has blessed us with, and what he has in store for us! We are so Grateful to have motivating people that keep us grounded and remind us of what means most in life!:)

So besides all that hype about my husband.. Lol We had our very first Family Home Evening for this year! I know, I know, we've been slacking, but we are definitely jumping back on track! Full speed! haha We made little ipod treats for the kids, since Valentine's is coming up and all..(cause their made with candy you get only around Valentine's Day) It was so fun to see how serious my kids get about these things! haha Or should I say, How serious Mele gets! Lol.. Spencer just wanted to eat the candy and his gold fishes the whole time! haha We had to do it yesterday, cause Nick wouldn't be home tonight.. But it was so much fun! It definitely brought us closer together! We all talked about everything and anything! I think the topic of our night was,"US NEEDING TO HAVE MORE BABIES!"LOL It was just a great night and I love my husband and kids so much!

P.S I MISS MY MOM!! Lol.. She left last Saturday, but she helped us out so much while she was here! She is truly one of my BFF's! Lol.. We love her so much!

Our night with the Dinosaurs!

So we finally went to Walking with the Dinosaurs yesterday! :) And boy was it fun! It was probably one of the coolest shows we have ever seen! Spencer, Mele, and T.J were going crazy when they saw the dinosaurs!Lol.. Spencer was cheering throughout the whole show!haha Kota on the other hand, wasn't too happy! We heard a couple of screams from him, so his mom and dad had to move him further away from all the dinosaurs! haha It was so funny to see how scared he was! Lol.. Cause all week long, Kota and Spencer would argue back and forth about who grandma was taking to see the dinosaurs! haha And finally when he sees one.. he freaks out! haha It was too cute!Poor Kota! :) I tried to take pictures, but they tell you that you have to turn off your flash.. so all my pictures were so blurry! Boo! :( So I just recorded a couple clips.. I have to upload them still, but here are a couple shots of us during intermission! hahaha We were having too much fun waiting for our hubby's to bring our snacks! Lol..(as if we need to eat anymore! hahaha)

.. and yet another baby gift! Lol

Today my sister asked me if I could make her a gift for her sister in-laws baby shower. At first I was thinking I would just make another Daddy on diaper duty tool belt.. but I wanted to try and make something else. It's always nice when you know how to make more then one thing,right?! haha So I decided to give my very first baby bouquet a try! Lol.. It's made up of onsies, washclothes, pacifiers, baby booties, little girl tights and baby beenies.. I loved every minute of putting it together! It also helped that I had my sister and mom keeping me company while I did.. Lol They were the best assistants ever! haha But here are a couple of pics of the finished product! Hope you all enjoy! And if you ever need a BABY BOUQUET or a DADDY ON DIAPER DUTY TOOL BELT, just hit me up.. ;) Lol.. No really! :)..

Daddy On Diaper Duty..

So yesterday we had to figure out what we wanted to take for Kauasi and Mua's new baby?.. Nick wanted to just get him a couple outfits, but I wanted to do something different! Through blogging I was able to find the neatest idea for the cutest gift! It was a gift for Kauasi and the baby.. Since Mua had a baby shower last Saturday, I figured why not give Kauasi something! Lol.. So we made him a Daddy On Diaper Duty Tool Belt.. It was suppose to be a Daddy On Diaper Duty Apron, but I kept messing it up!Lol But it's a tool belt that only consists of things Kauasi will need to change his baby's diaper. Lol I say it was easy.. but we actually went through like 3 aprons at first, until Nick just got annoyed and went and bought a tool belt!! haha He was so annoyed that I was putting so much work into it! Lol.. But that's how I am! If I'm making a gift, I want it to be perfect! Even if people don't see perfect, as long as it's great in my eyes! haha But for my very first Daddy On Diaper Duty Tool Belt.. I absolutely loved how it turned out!.. Hopefully I can get more creative with it as the years go by! So in case your wondering what the Daddy On Duty Tool Belt consists of, here it is.. Goggles, Face masks, a couple newborn diapers, disposable diaper bags, pacifiers, baby toy, tongs(to remove dirty diaper), wipes, baby powder, baby lotion, Germ-X, Onsies(in case baby has an accident), Lysol wipes(to disinfect the changing area), Gloves, It's A Boy bubble gum cigars.. I think that's about everything I put in there.. Lol..

And here's the Daddy On Diaper Duty Checklist that he got with the tool belt..

{} Goggles
{} Stink eliminating mask and backup
{} Rubber gloves
{} Dirty diaper removing device (tongs)
{} Disposable diaper bag
{} Clean diaper and wipes readily available

{} Put on goggles, mask and rubber gloves
{} Place baby on changing pad
{} Distract baby with pacifier or toy
{} Unfasten tabs on diaper-open diaper
{} Quickly wipe butt (gently)
{} You may have to remove dirty diaper at this point
{} This is where it gets tricky-(you have to move fast, cause babies are known to squirt.)quickly place dirty diaper in disposable bag-close tightly-and then place clean diaper under baby's butt. (Remember: tabs are under baby)
{} Apply baby powder
{} Remove protective gear and clean yourself up with Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
{} Give baby hugs and kisses, then pat yourself on the back!
{} Smoke (chew) your It's A Boy bubble gum cigars! Lol.. :)

Welcome Baby Pailate..

Wanted to make a quick shout out to Kauasi and Mua Lomu! Congrats on your handsome baby boy!.. and Welcome to this cruel and horrible world Baby Pailate M. Lomu! Lol.. We Love You Guys! :)

P.S SORRY I didn't make it to your shower Mua! But when I come see baby today, I'll bring him and the new papa something! haha

Walking With Dinosaurs.. The Live Experience..

So today my mom bought all of us tickets to go see Walking With Dinosaurs on Thursday! Thanks to Kassie, we were able to find good seats at an amazing price! These dang tickets run for so much! The cheapest one online I found, was like $45.00! Can you believe that?! But we are all so excited to go! As you all probably already know, Spencer is a huge dinosaur fan! So he's been asking grandma Laila to please take him every time he sees the commercial! It's so funny! But we're actually all going to celebrate my nephew K.J's birthday! It's not til the 29th of this month, but we don't know when the next time grandma Laila will come out to visit.. So she decided we'd all go to Walking With Dinosaurs to celebrate! :) So I can't wait til Thursday, and you will be seeing pictures from our night out with the dinosaurs very soon! YAY US! Lol..

Quick question?.. Has anyone seen The Duchess?! Can I just say, this has to be one of my new favorite movies! I've been watching it, like how Spencer watches his Power Ranger movie! So that's about 2 or 3 times a day! LOL I'm so addicted to Keira Knightley's character in this movie! She is such a strong women! I absolutely LOVE IT!

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Angeles Mahe

6 Random things about me:

1. I have like weird breakdowns at least twice a week! Lol (Thanks to my husband and kids!)
2. I'm going to meet Beyonce before this year is over! No really.. I AM!
3. Want to beat up this little boy at Mele's school, who thinks he can tell you after you've been waiting for a half an hour, to move your car.. you can't park here! Stupid kid, with the stupid orange vest! haha
4. I'm finally going to start scrap booking this month! YAY!
5. I love watching House and Snapped! I've been watching marathons like crazy! haha
6. I'm up all night, I don't sleep til like 3 in the morning! Weird, I know! Lol

4. I tag Lala, Fiona, Kass, Janice, Tina, and Alysha..

So sick!

So these past couple of days have not been good! I've been so sick, I think I have the stomach flu or something??! Cause I've been in the bathroom 24/7! Lol.. I've even had the worst headaches! I'm so dizzy all the time! I'm going crazy! Hopefully tonight will be a better night for me! :(

Spencer doing his thing! Lol

So this is a little clip of Spencer doing Single Ladies by Beyonce. We were in California for Thanksgiving, and my cousins had a little too much fun with him! He's such a nerd! But he keeps us laughing! We love you son! :)