So much to do..

So today is going to be such a long day!! Nick and I were going to stay home for Thanksgiving, but my mom insisted that we drive out still.. So we decided we would! Lol.. I still have so much cleaning to do! I still have to pack and finish laundry! We have to check Mele out of school early for a prior engagement.. There's just so much to do and so little time!! But we're really excited!!:) It'll be nice for Nick to meet my mom's side of the family.. And we haven't seen my mom in like forever anyways, so that will be fun! I've totally been feeling deprived of a mother!! Lol.. I've missed her dearly! Lol.. But yeah.. I couldn't sleep cause I've been up doing laundry.. but now I'm tired, so I'm going to go get some shut eye.. Lol.. Cause I need to be up by 7 to get Mele ready for school, and then the day won't end until we hit CALIFORNIA!! :)

My Babies..

What the??!! LOL

This is what we woke up to at like 4 a.m!! Lol.. Yes, it's my mascara and everything else he got a hold of from my make up bag!! hahahaha He was killing us!! Lol.. He tried to do his sad face so he wouldn't get in trouble.. but it so didn't work!! Lol..

We have 2 new additions to our family..

We went to Build A Bear Workshop today and I am so proud to announce that we have 2 new addition's to our family! Lol.. We have Hannah Montana II.. who is Mele's bear. She was born November 23, 2008.. She was 8.5 ounces and 17 inches long! She is a beauty! hahahaha

Next we have Spencer's bear.. Batman Jr. Lol.. He came in at a whopping 10.3 ounces and 16 inches long. He is such a stud! hahahaha

Our kid's had the best time! It was so fun just watching how excited Mele and Spencer were! Everytime we go anywhere and they see a Build A Bear Workshop, their always wanting to go in.. we always just put it off and promise them we'll take them soon! But it never happens! hahahaha Until today of course! :) They got to stuff, bathe, and dress their little bears! It was so neat! Nick helped Spencer dress Batman Jr. It was so hilarious! I feel so bad for our next child!! Nick had the hardest time dressing the bear!! I couldn't help but imagine how he would change our next child's diaper!! Lol.. It's kind of terrifying actually! hahahaha But with Spencer's help, they managed to dress Batman Jr.! hahahaha Spencer was so frustrated with his dad!

Is Dad serious??! Lol..

I helped Mele dress Hannah Montana II.. We worked together and she turned out GREAT! Lol.. We just have that motherly touch, I guess! :)

We even filled out their birth certificates!! Lol.. I think Nick and I laughed the whole entire time we walked around the workshop!! It was like really having another child!! hahahahaha I guess these one's will have to do for now!! Lol.. It was such a great family day! I love when we have productive day's like this!! Nick's not home very much, so when he is.. we try and do as many family activities as possible!:)

Angeles's Baby Shower..

So today was such a fun day! Nick got in around 3 this morning and I think that's probably what made my day start off so well! Lol.. It was also Angeles Mahe's baby shower! She is one of my VERY VERY VERY CLOSE FRIENDS! I LOVE this girl to the MAX! Lol.. She's always making me laugh and she's always so DRAMATIC about EVERYTHING!! hahaha .. and don't let me forget to mention, how she is the one who runs up ALL my minutes!! hahahaha She is such a sweetheart and such a great example! Her and her husband Red are expecting their first child come December 19th!! I'm so excited to go and help her decorate their princesses room!

She had the best gift's ever! I think she got enough clothes to last her daughter for the first 2 years of her life! hahaha A different outfit everyday! Their daughter is so spoiled and she hasn't even arrived yet! Lol.. The Shower was so much fun! The food??.. EVEN BETTER!!Lol.. Her sister's did an amazing job putting the whole thing together! It turned out GREAT! She got everything a first time mother would NEED, yet alone WANT! Lol.. Fiona and I went half on our gift.. and I must say, it was the BEST GIFT!! hahahaha She LOVED IT!

I wasn't able to take a picture of the gift's we bought her, but thank heaven's for google,huh?! Lol..

Breast Pump..


Fiona winning the baby bottle drinking game! She's a freakin PRO!LOL


Angeles and I, have had our ups and downs this past year.. but having her back in my life again, has definitely made me realize what a true friend is! As dramatic as she may be, she has the biggest heart! And she is going to be an AWESOME mother!! Because she is already such an AWESOME FRIEND!! LOVE YOU ANGELES! :D

Another thing that made this day even better.. Is that my little sister Tula'i, Fiona, and I.. after the shower went and watched Twilight for the second time!hahahaha Did I mention how madly in love I am with Edward and Emmett Cullen?! Lol..

My Twilight Song!

So you may not even have noticed, but I just added a new song to my play list! It is my favorite song off the Twilight movie! It's the song that plays at the very end, while Edward and Bella are dancing.. :) I got a little teary eyed, I must admit!Lol.. It was the most beautiful,most romantic moment throughout the whole movie! Now I have chill's all over again! Lol.. Love you Edward!hahahaha

6 Random Facts.. (Tagged By Kassie)

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1. I'm obsessed with Germ-Xing!

2. I hate cleaning bathrooms and folding laundry!

3. I get really EMOTIONAL when it comes to WHALES! Their such fascinating creature's!

4. I love to just walk around Walmart.. even when I don't need anything!

5. I'm a Youtube fanatic!


And I tag:Angeles,Fiona,Lala,Tina.. and whoever else wants to be tagged!LOL

Twilight! Twilight! Twilight!

Can I just say I am so in LOVE with Edward and Emmett Cullen! This movie was EVERYTHING I expected and more! I honestly felt as if I was having a mental affair with Edward Cullen! Lol.. (Sorry Babe!!) The LOVE he had for Bella(ME!!!LOL) was so intense! It gave me the chill's throughout the whole movie! I wasn't really expecting the movie to be as good as it was, but I was wrong! I can't wait til the next one comes out! I'm going again this Saturday and no one is stopping me! hahaha My hubby needs to spend some quality time with the kids anyways!hahahaha I'm still so excited about this movie, I couldn't even sleep last night! It was so bad! Lol.. All that was running through my head was.. EDWARD..ME.. EMMETT..ME.. EDWARD..ME..EMMETT..ME! hahahaha My sister Lala and I got to the the movie's around 9:45 and stood in line for about 20 minutes and then they started letting everyone in to get seated for the movie.. It was so crazy seeing all the other Twilight fanatic's! I must say.. we did make a couple of new friends standing in that line!hahahaha The movie started at 12:00 am on the dot! And come to find out, it wasn't even Twilight! Lol.. It was Madagascar 2!! hahaha I wouldn't have minded so much, cause I've been actually wanting to see that movie! But I was already in EDWARD MODE! hahahaha So after a good 10 minutes of that, our movie finally started! We had the pleasure of sitting next to Fiona and her sis, so that was cool!:) I was so dramatic during every romantic scene! hahahaha I was getting all hot and sweaty in the movie like it was actually me instead of Bella! Lol No joke!hahaha But yeah.. if you haven't watched Twilight yet.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??! But then again.. if you haven't seen it yet??.. DON'T!! I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOU LOOKING AT MY EDWARD or MY EMMETT!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Candice was texting and being a HATER all night long!LOL..

Check out my Super Model! LOL

He is such a nerd! I just thought these were really funny/cute picture's! Lol.. He keep's me laughing even when we're not together!hahahaha

Our romantic weekend..

So this past weekend I went and Surprised my husband in Colorado! It was the best surprise ever! He usually knows when I'm up to something, but he had no idea this time!Lol.. This weekend was probably one of the most Romantic weekends of my life! I mean.. we totally were missing our kids, but every now and then, I think we as parents just need some alone time!Lol.. I'm not going to get into detail's of everything that went on!hahaha But let's just say.. there was Candles, Champagne(apple cyder!LOL), slow jams, and lot's of one on one time!hahahahahaha..

So Fiona and I headed home yesterday and our husband's being the great husband's that they are.. hahahaha decided to drive us more then half way home! They drove us all the way to Moab, which is only 3 hours away from Salt Lake! It was so sweet of them to do that! They on the other hand had a 5-6 hour drive back to the little town their staying in right now.. :( It was sad to say bye to my other half, but he'll be home Friday(the day Twilight comes out!!hahaha), so I'll be okay til then!hahaha While in Moab, we were able to check out the arches.. It was so beautiful! It was so romantic just experiencing it with my husband! You would never think somewhere like that would be so romantic.. but it so was!hahahaha

It was a great trip!.. One that we will NEVER forget! And I really am going to start planning these little getaway's for my husband and I.. Lol.. It's so refreshing and it keeps us young at heart!hahaha It makes us feel as if we were dating all over again! :)

I just love rainy days!

So today is a dark and gloomy day! It's been raining all day long.. and I LOVE it! Rainy days have always been my favorite days! I love just cuddling up with my hubby and kids, drinking hot chocolate, and eating some Ream's bread!(the best store made bread ever!) Mmmmm.... Sounds so good right now!Lol All I need now, is to find a DVD to watch.. I feel like watching one of my favorite movies of all time.. "The Family Stone!!" An oldie..but definitely a goodie!:)

Army Wives's..

Today I watched the season finale of Lifetime's Army Wives. I'm so addicted to this show! I love watching how emotional I get during every episode!Lol My husband isn't in the army,but for some reason I still feel like I can relate to it all! My dad has been in the army since he was 15, so maybe that's another reason I feel like I can relate.. Every episode I always find myself either sobbing or just tearing up and trying to hide my tears from my husband and kids..Lol Cause they tend to point and laugh and say: It's just a show! hahahaha I think I look at my situation kind of like Nick's in the army?.. He's probably home like 2 or 3 months out of the year, so it's pretty tough! The things these wives go through are everyday issues that I see happening around me with other wives, or even things that I personally have experienced.. Watching Army Wives has seriously made me appreciate my life and everyone in it! Especially my husband! I love my husband so much! He left today, so it didn't help me any, while I was sitting there watching the finale!hahahaha He's driving back to Colorado as we speak, but his voicemail will be full of messages from me proclaiming my love for him!Lol It's pretty pathetic, I know!Lol But hey, at least it'll put a smile on his face!hahahaha But yeah.. just thought I'd leave a little something about how I was feeling!Lol And if you haven't watched Army Wives's before, you are MISSING OUT! BIG TIME! LOL


Today Nick and I went and watched my little brother Tueni's football game. It was so fun to go and support him! As they ran the football back and forth on the field, I couldn't help but imagine how it would be when Spencer get's older and start's playing football! I'm going to be the best soccer mom ever! hahahaha I already planned it! hahahaha I just wonder what school he'll be playing for! I can already see myself freakin out on my son's coach if he yell's at my son!LOL I just had a great time out there screaming and cheering for my little brother! He did such a good job! Even though they lost.. it was a really good game! He was really emotional about it all, but hey.. he's going to be a freshmen in high school next year, so he has many more games to come! GAME ON! LOL

.. and a Big Thank You to Hoko and Fiona for coming to support Tueni too! Best supporter's in town! hahahaha Love you guys!

Our day at the Dinosaur Museum..

So we've always been talking about taking our kids to the dinosaur museum, but we never have.. until today! Thanks to Kassie and Ray for getting Spencer a pass there for his birthday, or we would've never went!hahaha But that place is so amazing! It's so cool seeing all the dinosaurs and how big they all were! And the kids even got to dig for fossil's and play with all kinds of neat things! Spencer was so excited for everything! He didn't even want to leave!LOL It was just a great time to bond with our babies! Their growing so fast that it was actually nice just to slow down and enjoy the whole entire day with them.. It was GREAT! :) And I can't wait for of us to do it again!


So the night before Halloween we had our first annual Tuakoi Family Halloween Party! It was the funnest party I've been to in ages!hahahaha The last Halloween party I've been to, was like one when I was in 5th grade, I think??! hahaha That's how long it's been! hahaha It was so much fun! We partied like rock stars!LOL We had the Halloween bash at Hoko and Fiona's new place.. We decided to have everyone dress up just to make our little event more fun! And boy, were we right! hahahaha It was so hilarious to see what everyone dressed as!hahahaha I went as Nick's pimp and he went as my SLUT!LOL It was GREAT! We ate the best food! We had the best company! We just had a blast! It's always nice to have little get together's once in awhile! And I can't wait for our next get together! We love all you Tuakoi's so much!( Most of the time!! hahahahaha) Here are some pic's from that unforgettable night! hahaha