So here it is.. OUR CHEETAHLICIOUS HIP HOP BALLERINA!!..(For less than $15.00!!)

So this is the finished product of Mele's costume! She loves it so much! And so do I! hahaha It was so fun for me to make! I made everything.. From her shirt to her gloves, to her half tutu, down to the cheetah mini skirt and even the cheetah striped leg warmers! Now I can't wait til next year! Cause I'm so going to be making Mele and Spencer's costumes from here on out! It's so fun and best of all, it's so CHEAP!!

Speechless, Over The Edge, I'm Just Breathless.. I Never Thought That I'd Catch This Love bug! Hopeless, Head Over Heels In The Moment..

So I was sitting here so excited that my husband is coming home next week! And now I'm a little sad.. Cause I'm already thinking of him having to leave again! It always goes by so fast when he's home! I miss him so much!:( I feel so drained all the time, but when I see him? I swear I'm always up and trying to squeeze as many things into the day as possible with him! I don't want him to leave! But I love that he's such a HARD WORKER!He does ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he can to make us happy!

He's my best friend! My main squeeze! My snookims! My teddy bear! My love! My I'll kick your butt if you say something wrong to my wife or kids kind of guy!hahahahaha I'm so in LOVE with this man, it makes me sick to my stomach sometimes!:) And he tries to say he LOVES me more?! Who is he kidding?! He know's I love him! But I don't think he would understand the full extent of my LOVE!hahaha It'd probably scare him if he really knew how much I loved him! hahahahaha But shhhh.. that'll be our little secret! LOL hahahaha

... More detail's about my day!

So my heater is finally up and running!hahaha And you'll never guess what stopped the motor in the heater from turning??! Are you ready for this??..Lol BIRDS!!! Can you believe that?! I'm still shocked by it! And it wasn't even just one bird.. it was FOUR! Can we all say.. EWWWWW??! hahahaha The repair guy was totally use to seeing dead birds!hahaha He was like.. Oh, it happens all the time!Lol Yeah.. maybe to you?! That's not something I see everyday!hahaha Poor birds! I wonder how the heck they got in there?? I told Nick maybe they were cold too??!hahaha

Moving on.. Lol I was able to finally finish Mele's costume today! YAY ME! I'm pretty excited with the outcome! It's so CHEETAHLICIOUS! I mixed her hip hop ballerina look with her cheetah girl look.. and to my surprise it turned out GREAT!Lol I think that seeing Mele so excited about it, makes me even more excited!hahaha I can't wait to show my husband! I was trying to tell him over the phone, but he doesn't understand what I'm trying to tell him! hahahaha I would've just sent him a picture, but the little town he's in won't let him receive any picture mail! Boo! But I know he's gonna love it! Cause he LOVES ME! hahahaha And anything that makes his girl's HAPPY.. makes HIM HAPPY!Lol WE JUST LOVE HALLOWEEN!:)

So Mele and I went and watched High School Musical 3 today! WE LOVED IT! It was so cute! I got teary eyed on a couple parts of the movie! But I think we LOVED ALL THE SONGS more than anything! It was so nice just being able to be with my baby! She's growing so fast! And I feel like Nick's missing out on alot of her growing up! She had him on speaker phone the whole time we were eating!Lol Everyone around us was like.. Ummm,can you please turn your phone down?! hahahaha But I didn't care! I love that Mele is so close with her daddy! I was just hoping that our date night tonight would be a better chance for her and I to bond, but I guess not!Lol Good thing I was too busy getting my grub on to even notice that she wasn't really talking to me! hahahaha It was such a great night and I can't wait until our next date night! I love you Mele!

On another note.. Nick's Uncle Vaka passed away today. I was there saying my goodbye's and you could feel the spirit so strong! He looked so peaceful and just like an angel! I've known him since Nick and I we're dating! I never really talked to him much, but every time he saw us he was so happy! He would always get teary eyed when he would see our daughter Mele, cause we named Mele after his sister.. who is Nick's grandmother.. that pretty much raised him since birth, up until the day she passed! From stories I hear about her.. she was an AMAZING women! Her and her brother both were such great people! Very hard working and I know that's where my husband gets alot of his good qualities from! The Hosea family are such GREAT examples! We LOVE them all and our hearts go out to them at this time!

What a long and fun day! :)

My day..

7:00 a.m - Woke up to get Mele ready for school

7:45 a.m - Made Mele and T.J's lunches

8:10 a.m - Dropped Mele off to school

8:30 a.m - Went and washed the car

9:00 a.m - Went and picked up Tina and Lil Nick and dropped them off at home

9:30 a.m - Ran to the bank

10:00 a.m - Had to meet the repair man at my house ( wasn't suppose to come until noon! So he totally threw my schedule off!LOL)

10:30 a.m - Finally sat down and ate breakfast with my poor son! :(

11:00 a.m - Tried to clean out our laundry room! (It's like a never ending story in there! It's so TERRIBLE!)

12:00 p.m - Worked on Mele's costume a little more

12:30 p.m - Went and picked Mele up from school

1:00 p.m - came and finished up on Mele's costume

3:30 p.m - Went and picked up Lala and headed to the store to get Mele's Halloween shoes

5:30 p.m - Dropped Lala off at home

6:00 p.m - Headed to my husband's Uncle Vaka's house(May he rest in peace..) to drop off Spencer to his grandma Polu

6:45 p.m - We went to dinner and waited until it was time for our movie to start

8:15 p.m - Our movie HSM 3 began!

10:30 p.m - Our movie was finished! IT WAS THE CUTEST MOVIE! I LOVED IT! I MEAN.. WE LOVED IT!

...and now I'm sitting here blogging waiting for my son to come home! What a long and well spent day! :)

Hard at work.. Lol

So today was a pretty productive day! I've been working on Mele's costume all day! It is so time consuming! But so worth it!:) She was so excited to come home from school and see that I was working so hard on it for her! To my surprise she was actually really appreciative! hahaha She even came home from school with the neatest thing.. She brought home her first I.D Card! hahahaha I was so excited!
Well, technically.. I don't think it was like an official I.D card, it was one of those I.D cards that you give to the police if your kid goes missing type of I.D card??! hahahaha
But still, it was so cute! Lol And she's no longer wanting sandwiches for lunch! Can you believe that?! Does she think I'm some kind of chef that can just whip anything up?! She's crazy I tell ya!hahahaha But I better get back to working on Mele's costume, I can already see Spencer trying to wear it around!hahahaha

I love spending the day with my sister!

So today my sister Lala and I spent the day looking for Halloween costumes for our kids, cause we're so last minute!hahaha But yeah.. I ended up finding Spencer's dinosaur costume and he loves it! Mele is still debating whether to be a Hip Hop Ballerina or a Cheetah Girl?? Maybe I'll try and mix both together?? I'm sure I can come up with something,right?!hahaha Anyways, it was just really nice being able to hang out with my sister and just catch up! Even though I swear we talk everyday! I freakin love her and I know she'll be there for me no matter what! With all these weird people around.. you never know who to trust anymore! So I love you sis and thanks for everything! Even the crazy advice your always giving me!LOL Your the best! And I can't wait to dress up with ya on Halloween!hahahahahahaha

So I couldn't sleep and I keep trying to think of what Lala and I can be for halloween?! hahaha I'm thinking we should be something really goofy and funny??! But I don't know? I guess we'll see..LOL

Someone please fix my heater?! LOL

So I've just been home doing laundry all day and washing all our blankets,sheets,pillow cases.. you name it, I washed it!Lol Right now my house feels like a freakin freezer! Our heater broke, so I've been calling around all day getting estimates on how much it would be to repair it! Boy, does this suck! My poor kids!hahaha Hopefully we'll get it fixed soon! I don't know how much longer I can handle my two little monster's sleeping with me! hahahaha Okay.. maybe I shouldn't fix it.. cause I actually love that they've been sleeping with me!LOL I love my babies!hahaha

I wish I had something like this right about now! Or just until our other heater is fixed! Sheesh, it's freezing!