Mele's first day of school

So our big girl Mele started school on Monday, boy was she excited! She was up bright and early and started her day with a bowl of fruit loops! Her favorite cereal in the whole wide world! She doesn't qualify for free lunch(Boo!), so while she was eating cereal.. I was making sure her lunch was ready to go. I'm probably one of the most emotional mom's you will ever meet!hahaha I was snapping away with my camera, not really noticing how annoyed she was getting by all my picture taking! Sheesh! I finally noticed when we got to her school and she was trying to jump out of the car and run to her class! hahaha Which may I remind you, she has never been to before! This being her first day and all! hahaha I was so emotional! I wanted to stay in her class with her all day! It was when the first bell rang that I realized how much I regret ed that I didn't put her in half days! A full day of school already?! It's so crazy! I counted down the hours until it was 2:30 p.m and then Spencer and I started walking to her school to pick her up! I found myself basically running to get her! hahahaha She was so excited to see us and to tell me to call her dad cause she needed to tell him about her day! I was so hurt! hahaha I told her she could tell me about her day??.. But no.. she had to talk to her dad asap! I was really curious to see what she had to tell him, cause it seemed to be really important! Come to find out.. she got into a fight on her first day of school! She knows how I am when it comes to violence and so she figured she would tell her dad(who always encourages her to stick up for herself and those around her!), and he would tell me! I couldn't even understand what he was tyring to tell me, he was laughing so hard! hahaha But supposedly, one of the other little girl's at recess was being really mean to Mele's new friend Jay. Jay was really shy, so he didn't really do anything back to the girl, but Mele for some reason had to show off her karate to the little girl! hahahaha I asked her after I got off the phone with Nick where she learned karate from?? And she said she taught herself! I asked her if she could show me what she did to the girl and I almost died! hahahaha It was the funniest thing! My poor baby was so serious! Hyeeeeee Yaaaaaaaah! That's all she was screaming kicking and throwing her arms around! OMG! I wish I would have recorded it! I was just really glad that Mele knew enough not to put up with bullies! She's a strong minded little girl and we are so proud of her! After her second day of school, she came home and was telling Nick and I that the little girl she did her karate on asked to be her friend! hahahahaha She loves school so much and I just hope that Nick and I will be able to keep up with her! She's still our baby girl and we are so proud of her for standing up for her friend!

I forgot to mention that I am the biggest fan of uniforms! The kids don't have to worry about who's wearing what??! Mele even loves all her different uniform outfits she has!:) It even helps us save money! Thank goodness for uniforms!hahaha